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A Few Thoughts About the Project of the International Coordination of Marxist-Leninist Parties in Their Tasks in the Class Struggle and Party Building

by Stefan Engel, 11 August 2007
  1. The overwhelming majority of the 9th International Conference made statements on the declaration of the MLPD for the initiative of establishing an international coordination.


  1. This declaration starts a joint initiative for the building of an international form of organization for the international coordination of autonomous revolutionary parties and organizations in their tasks in class struggle and party building.


  1. At the start of such a process, of course, the ideas of the individual initiators still greatly diverge. But this is a good point of departure if we handle the contradictions correctly. At the beginning, therefore, it is necessary to unify our thinking and our method of work in this process.


  1. The declaration is intended to initiate a process of gradual development of an international form of organization for the coordination of tasks in party building and the class struggle.


  1. The building of this international coordination must be based on practical necessities, that is, be most closely interrelated with the tasks in class struggle and party building (for example, the joint preparation of an international conference of rank-and-file women in Venezuela in 2011, or joint international campaigns, or perhaps a joint international congress against AIDS which could take place in South Africa, and so on).


  1. This must build upon the given realities of cross-border coordination. There are already a number of different forms of coordination in Latin America; there is the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist organizations; there is the International Automobile Workers’ Counsel, the International Miners’ Seminar; there are joint declarations on various political issues, on world politics, Iraq, Lebanon, and so forth. There are also international solidarity movements such as against the criminalization of Joma Sison and the CPP as terrorist, and there are first initiatives for mutual support in party building with various seminars, training courses and the organized exchange of experience and views, such as we undertook starting from the last Conference. All that must be analyzed. The advantages, the limits, the problems that have arisen thus far must be precisely identified, that is, we must take stock in order to develop a concept. And here it is important that we thoroughly integrate all proposals and experience and continually widen the circle of initiators.


  1. The building of this should gradually take form from specific regional characteristics. It is advisable to progress from regional coordination to worldwide coordination.


  1. All initiators should seize the initiative and make proposals. At the same time there should be a preparatory group that sums up this initiative, organizes it, and passes it on to the initiators again. It advisable to form the preparatory group from responsible regional representatives who enjoy confidence in their regions and would work together more closely.


  1. It is very important that we approach the matter with great patience, with thoroughness, by the method of consensus, making use of all positive experience of the past, with equality, solidarity, personal initiative, and a community based on revolutionary struggle. I am firmly convinced that if there is an understanding of its necessity this project will be a success. The MLPD in any case volunteers to support the initiative in any way it can.

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