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Solidarity with the Garment Workers in Bangladesh

Resolution of the ICOR Founding Conference, 6 October 2010

The founding conference of ICOR deeply expresses its solidarity towards the militant struggle of the garment workers in Bangladesh. There are more than three million workers, mostly women, who have been on strike from 28th of July to 2nd of August. The conference also demands immediate release of all workers, trade union members and political activists who are being held by the government related to their struggle.

The conference is deeply worried that 30,000 garment workers were accused with false charges by the police of Bangladesh and about 10,000 workers are dismissed.

This strike and the struggle was against oppressive and inhuman conditions in Bangladesh and for decent working conditions, equal treatment, equality between men and women, for trade union and labor rights, 8 hour working conditions, minimum wage, bonus, holidays, maternity leave and other rights according to ILO convention and Bangladesh law.

ICOR calls upon the revolutionary organizations, trade union and women’s movement all over the world to support the struggle of the workers and the women workers in the garment industry and for the democratic struggle of the people of Bangladesh.

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