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A thunderous NO to the new occupation!

by KOE, 27 October 2011

On the eve of our National Day – the Day of NO [*]:

A thunderous NO to the new occupation!


The resolutions adopted by yesterday’s EU Summit put its stamp on the bankruptcy and the, now formal, transformation of Greece into a protectorate. The resolutions of this EU Summit include the permanent installation of the IMF-EU-ECB troika in Greece and, in reality, and the takeover of the government by the international "protectors".

Seventy-one years after 28 October 1940, a new occupation is imposed on our country. The last remnants sense of popular sovereignty and national independence are reduced into ashes. The leaders of the Eurozone are ordering the immediate sell-out of Greece and they leave no doubt that our people will pay dearly, with permanent foreign control accompanied by extreme pauperization.

The government of PASOK has lost any shame. After playing a walkon role in the EU summit, now Papandreou’s government dares to “celebrate” for the fact that Greece is put under the boot of a permanent guardianship. In reality, we cannot anymore talk about a government; Papandreou’s regime is a puppet clique that sees itself only as local partner of the new occupiers.

The Greek people cannot tolerate another insult against its dignity. The Greek people cannot live as a slave, nor as a subject of a German protectorate. There is a way out for the country: 1) Throw out of Greece the troika, the government, and all the political forces which openly or covertly support them. 2) Stop of payments to the international usurers. 3) Independence – Democracy – Productive Reconstruction. This is a way out that will be difficult, demanding deep ruptures. However, it is the only path that does not lead to social and national disaster.

The celebrations for the anniversary of 28 October 1940 must be transformed in thunderous popular demonstrations against the transformation of Greece into a protectorate. With black flags and the “No” banners waving everywhere: in the streets and on our homes. We will not allow those supporting the troika and the new occupation to add insult to injury with their presence in the celebration of the Day of NO! Any representative of the government and of the pro-occupation forces must be banned from the celebrations all over Greece on the initiative of the people.


27 October 2011

Press Office of the Communist Organization of Greece – KOE




[*] The Day of NO – Background:

Greece has two National Days. The first is 25 March – the anniversary of the 1821 Independence Revolution against the Ottoman yoke. The second is 28 October. Unlike most European countries, which celebrate the victory over fascism, i.e. the end of the war, the Greek people celebrates its beginning. On 28 October 1940, the Greek people as a whole opposed the arrogant demand of Mussolini’s powerful fascist regime “to let free passage for his troops inside Greek territory”. That day is known in Greece as “the Day of No”. Just three days later, on 31 October 1940, Nikos Zachariadis, General Secretary of the outlawed Communist Party of Greece, sent from his prison cell his historic Open Letter to the Greek People:

Today we are all struggling for our freedom, honour and national independence. The struggle will be difficult and very harsh. Today the Greek people wage a war of national liberation, against Mussolini’s fascism. Each rock, each ravine, each village, each city, hut by hut, house by house, must become a fortress of the national liberation struggle. Any agent of fascism must be mercilessly exterminated. Everyone, take positions for the struggle! The victory will be of Greece and of our people. The workers of the whole world stand by our side!

The Greek people fought bravely the fascist invaders during six months, marking astonishing victories while the rest of continental Europe was already enslaved by the Axis armies. The treason of the Greek ruling class and of Greek Army generals in April 1941 facilitated the occupation of Greece by the Nazis, together with their defeated fascist allies. Nevertheless, within months, the few free cadres of the Communist Party of Greece played the leading role in the building of the National Liberation Front (EAM), which regrouped the majority of Greek people and led the legendary National Resistance against the Nazi-fascist occupation. Today, on the anniversary of the 1940 “No”, the Greek people is under a new kind of occupation by the imperialists, who are helped by their puppet Papandreou “government”. We get inspired by our people’s history and say in our turn: “No!”

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