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Concluding Speech of the 9th Party Congress By Comrade GS

by CPI (ML), 12 November 2011

Concluding Speech By Comrade GS

Presidium Comrades, Fraternal Delegate comrades, Delegate comrades, observers, Red Salute!
It was a daring step on our part to take up the convening the Ninth Congress of our Party with a determination that we shall evaluate our past, make the past serve the present, develop our ideological political line and go forward based on it. And, we have done it, we have completed the task, we have successfully completed the Ninth Congress and all comrades, all over the country, who worked for its success deserve the credit for it. I salute all of them.
As far as our Party is concerned, now we have proved that even while upholding our past history we were courageous enough to take up the evaluation of the past so that this evaluation of the past will pave the way for taking up the present tasks before us, to take up the challenges before us. From 1970 to 2011, this is not just  41 years, but actually, it is much more than 41 years, it is a long period reflecting the  big gap between one experience and another qualitatively different experience.

When we look back, when we took up the daring task of reorganization of our party in the 1977-78 period, there were very few with whom we started then. Among the leading comrades who were with us at that time, most of them departed us, surrendering to one deviation or other. Many of them deserted us and have gone out of the revolutionary movement. But we continued on our revolutionary path, courageous enough to evaluate past, conducted regular conferences, corrected our past errors through continuous ideological struggles, continuously applied our political positions into practice and we reached the present stage when we could conduct our Party Congress. We have made many strides forward on our revolutionary path and all credit goes to all comrades who persevered in such a long struggle.
It was not an easy task. During these years, we led so many struggles, we resisted so many attacks from both right deviation and ‘left’ deviation and now we reached at this important occasion. As I said earlier, we have successfully conducted an important Congress, it was an important event to conduct the Ninth Congress, but now we have more important tasks to carry forward, we have to put our political line into practice and carry forward our tasks to make this Congress really a historic one.
As expressed by many of our comrades, with the formation of the new Central Committee, we shall intensify our ideological struggle to establish our political line based on the Party Program and its orientation. Through this process, in coming days, we shall continue our process of reorganization of the party by uniting all communist revolutionaries who are ready to contribute to our political line and who are accepting our orientation. Many people asked how we can organize Party Congress when there are many groups outside. Our answer was that without establishing CPI(ML) line and orientation, we cannot continue the task of reorganizing our Party.
But all our comrades should be careful that just by establishing our political line and orientation and intensifying our ideological struggle alone will not be enough. We need to mobilize millions of the masses and revolutionaries into the party to make our party a real Communist Party. The real challenge is how we are going to translate the new line into practice, how we are going to take up the struggle, how we are going to mobilize the working class as proletariat leading the revolution and how we are going to develop them politically and organizationally so that they can lead the country wide struggles. So the central question is how we are going to intensify the class struggle in the coming days.
It is in that context I said that we have conducted an important Congress but we have to make it a historic Congress and future people will look back to the 2011 Congress as historic one if we are capable of leading struggles at national level, state level and local level, a multitude of struggles challenging the ruling system.  The task is not an easy one as we need to organize the revolutionary struggles in a country of 125 crores population with vast diversities, with so much diversity that it is not easy to organize them and take up the multi-level task of leading them to the revolutionary path.
It is the first time that comrades from 19 states and delegates representing the millions of Indians working overseas are present in this Congress and we should develop our organizational strength further in the coming days so that comrades from all the 28 states should be present by the time of next party Congress. We have to intensify not only our struggle, but we have to develop our organizational strength by mobilizing the working class and other oppressed sections. We have to develop our activities by focusing on Jammu Kashmir and North East area also. I am confident that we shall be able to accomplish this task through the tireless work of our comrades. It is explicit by the presence of so many young comrades here, that our party is a party of young comrades and they shall take up the challenge of marching forward very fast.
Our Credential Committee Report shows that the average age of participants in this Party Congress is 43, but if we separate our Party delegates, the credential report of 159 delegates alone, the average age is around 35. That means, our Party is a Party of young comrades, a party of new generation, which represent the experience of imperialist onslaught, economic recession, plundering and devastation by global capital at various levels. As we know, around 60% of Indian people are below the age of 40. So we have to intensify our struggle to win over youth and students in India into the revolutionary movement, to mobilize youth and students in India to our party so that they can generate a new India through democratic revolution by over throwing the existing ruling system and establishing a People’s Democratic state, advancing towards socialism.
Already we have organized large sections of toiling people including Adivasis and dalits, and we need to intensify our struggle to mobilize vast masses of Adivasis and dalits and we need to develop our practice how to organize all other sections into a revolutionary program as put forward by our Party. We should not put aside the task of mobilization of women. Without organizing women a revolutionary movement cannot advance and establish a democratic society. The experiences of erstwhile socialist states have exposed the weakness which shall confront us if the task of organizing women is not taken up with the importance it deserves. And so we have to organize women in ever larger numbers, politicize women and bring them to the revolutionary practice to bring them to the front ranks of the People’s Democratic Revolution. I am confident that our comrades here can take up these tasks and all of our comrades will go from here with the daringness to take up these tasks in their states and report to all comrades in their states about this Party Congress and will strive to advance mobilizing the masses at all level. It is very important, it is going to be a great challenge how we are going to take up these tasks in the concrete conditions of the different states.
On this occasion, it is my responsibility to extend many, many thanks to Orissa State committee in taking the responsibly to organize this Party Congress and dong it with exemplarary brilliance. During last 5 months, all our comrades from branch level, village level and town level in Orissa and all over the country were working hard and it is their hard work from branch level onwards to take the message of Party Congress to the people which made this Party Congress so successful. Comrades, we have discussed so many things here and concrete situation is more and more favorable to organize the masses to change our country, to change the world to create a new society. But, as we Marxist-Leninists know, just by analyzing the reactionary system correctly the imperialist system will not fall down, we need to pull it to down, we have to over throw the ruling system, we have to throw it into the Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal. I extend all comrades revolutionary greetings, we will overcome all difficulties and final success will be ours.

Inquilab Zindabad,
Long Live Revolution,
Long Live CPI (ML)


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