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It is the end of capitalism, not the history

by TIKB, 31 December 2011

The capitalist system is being shaken due to its structural crisis on a global scale. The happenings in these days are strictly denying the postmodernizm that emphasizes the absoluteness of capitalism which has been put on the scene especially after the collapse of the socialist system. And everything that is happening today is globally happening by itself under conditions where there is no pioneer class movement.

Everywhere in the world we are observing actions of workers, students, immigrants and surpressed people against the capital that wants the working people of the world to pay the bill for the crisis of the capitalist, imperialist system. Demonstrations of the Greek workers for not paying the price of the crisis have resulted in overthrowingn of the Greek primeminister. Mafia rooted Italian primeminister Berlusconi, who made corruption to top score in Italy during his time, has followed him. The debt crisis spreading from Greece to almost the whole Europe including countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal and etc. is also bearing a devastating power to knockdown many European banks in a domino-effect manner. Capitalism is no longer a system which is livable by the workers and in order to understand this you don’t have to have a leading communist revolutionary power. The castles of the explotation system that was claimed to be indestructible and distorted the perception of the workers as it would never change, are now collapsing more and more everyday because of the Trojan Horses which they keep in themselves.

It seems that the actions of the Greek workers which took months and the occupation actions in the USA and England would not come to an end soon. Because, even in very developed capitalist countries, this system is no longer a livable system when workers are considered.

In the mean time what is happening in Turkey? The capital is attacking on the working class whom could not gotten on his feet for so many years with laws related to abolishing severance payments, national employment project, incurring payments for education and health services. These laws can be considered as legal steps taken to lead the working to slavery. Along with the slavery laws, the working class is being tamed by religion, chauvinism, media, popular culture, putting them into debt by means of loans and the threat of unemployment. Some thiny protests popping up here and there within the class show that the class would not act as a whole unless the danger becomes too big to hit them all. The ties between the leading/pioneer powers and the class are already broken severely and the leading powers have lost the initiative on the streets as well. In spite of this negative picture we are not hopeless and will never be!

There has been no time appropriate for socialism like these days when workers all around the world have filled the streets spontaneously. Crises of capitalism are slapping in the faces of those who forced us to live like slaves under capitalism while yelling their leitmotiv “history has come to an end”.

It is not only the economical suppression laws which will affect our nowadays and future. While fighting against the capital for the slavery decrees issued secretly in one night, we should also fight against the chauvinism which is used by the same capital making use of nationalism to deceive the working masses as far as the Kurdish problem is concerned.

Nowadays all the instruments used to blur the conscience of the masses for the sake of sustaining the hegemony of the system are becoming invalid or void. Class conflicts are becoming more apperarent and significant.

In the recent wave of fascist aggression 36 press workers and reporters have been arrested by the courts out of 42 who were taken in custody by the police. The fascist judiciary considered printed/published news as crimininal evidences! Don’t say “how come”. It just happened that way. Prof. Büşra Ersanlı and the publisher Mr. Ragıp Zarakolu and the others have been arrested with the argument mentioned above. Custodies and arrests are being carried out on very legitimate opponents using the excessive state terror by means the police and the judiciary.

In Turkey, the definition of “crime” and “criminal” have been widened extremely. It was made so because it would be easy for them to find an explanation regarding their aim to hold the society and the dynamic opposition powers in an embrace of fear. The structuring of the said embrace of fear has not been difficult for them, because they have received enormous help from the so called “intellectuals”, “leftwing” quitters, and the group who said “not enough but yes” in the last referendum (June 2010) for the changes in the Turkish constitution. The above mentioned groups outspread “democratisation tales” and misused the society’s desire to see the 12 September 1980 coup generals in court. Even though they claimed that the generals will be taken to court if the society would support the changes and say “yes” in the referandum, nothing has happened so far. Such groups, not so small to be neglected, do carry the sin of this deception. Bearing a state of mind of losers or being affected by the strong wind of elimination could have urged these groups to take part in this deception. But no matter what could be the reason, they do carry the sin in deceiving the society. The words of the others who kept away from the sin had been ineffective and weak. Nothing could have been done apart from some tiny workers demonstrations here and there in which the demands of the Kurds have been expressed in a limited manner. The radical revolutionary and the communist movement’s unsuccessfullness in breaking iJanuaryts F Type sendrome has a significant importance in this defeat.

So far, in this still and silent stage the regime has restructured itself and became strongly centralized by means of staffing its supporters in all state bodies that carried out all economic and political aggressions. But nowadays on the other hand, there is a pressure of an economic crisis which has shaken the whole world and the unsustainability of the “growth” that is fully dependent on current account deficit and excessive loaning. To solve the problem the government tends to apply employement regulations which are worse than what China applies. On the other hand there are examples of Tahrir Square against cruel neoliberal policies.

At this present stage the only thing which holds the system on its feet is the lack of organised power of the woJanuaryrking masses. The only power that could change the present balances or the equilibrium is the power which is organised, aiming socialism and having a perspective of coming into power. Even though such a power does not exist for the time being, still the developing workers movement in a global scale bears some signs of a new era. We are at the door steps of a new era in which there will uprisings, struggles and a more powerful class movement...

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