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Long Live the Resisting Palestinian Masses! Down with the Criminal Israeli Regime!

Afghanistan Revolutionary Organisation (ARO), 18th November 2012


The creation of the State of Israel as a result of the Balfour Declaration in the wake of World War II was directly supported by the British imperialism and marked the beginning of the Palestinian masses’ tragedy. Israeli occupiers have seized Palestinian territories over the past six decades. The crimes against the people of Palestine and the killings of Palestinians in the hands of the Zionist regime that has the unconditional support of imperialists, including the US imperialism, have continued incessantly. Palestinian areas have been reduced to rubble under the Israeli airstrikes, and thousands of women and children have lost their lives. Israeli soldiers have brutally suppressed protests and opposition and have used all sorts of force against Palestinians.

It has been over six years now that the Israeli military has imposed brutal economic blockade against the Gaza Strip, a blockade that has resulted in the slow death of thousands of residents of the strip. Nearly a million and a half people are faced with the shortage of food, fuel, medicine and other basic necessities. This economic blockade by the savage Israeli regime displays the inhumane nature of a regime that enjoys the direct US support. This regime cannot survive and act as a regional gendarme of the US imperialism a single day without the US financial, political and military support.

Israel carries out its airstrikes on Gaza residential areas under the name of “uprooting” Hamas and “terrorism,” and takes the lives of toiling Palestinian women and children whose aspiration is to live in an independent Palestine without war, bloodshed and terrorism. The pictures of mutilated bodies of Palestinian children and women killed in Israeli airstrikes and artillery shelling have only increased the anger and disgust of all freedom-loving people across the world against the Israeli regime. In addition to these heinous crimes, the brutal Israeli regime has alerted over 75,000 of its troops to “teach Hamas its lesson.” Meanwhile, Hamas has only agitated the criminal Israeli government by firing rockets into residential areas in Israel.

As long as the criminal Israeli regime acts as running dog to protect the US interests in the region, and maintains its inhumane racist policies Palestinians will live in the present miseries and will never live in peace and prosperity. At the same time, Arab countries are indifferent to the crimes that are committed against Palestinians, and only act as the US and other imperialist countries’ protégé.

Afghanistan Revolutionary Organization (ARO) expresses strong solidarity with the people of Palestine and strongly supports the right and struggle of the Palestinians to living in a free country. ARO also strongly condemns the economic blockade, barbaric airstrikes and oppression of Palestinian resistance by the Israeli regime, and hopes that the struggle of Palestinian people will force the criminal Israeli regime to stop the airstrikes and withdraw its forces occupation from the Gaza strip.


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