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Greif is fighting for all of us! Don’t leave them alone!

by TIKB, 21 February 2014

The resistance of Greif workers who have not surrendered to slave-like working and living has carried hope to the working class as a whole is continuing with determination. This impact of the resistance has caused the bosses to surround the factory with a wire fence. The fact that the ÜNSA factory located in Sultanbeyli is surrounded by wire fences symbolises this fear.

The effect of the resistance is already being felt in all factories. It is and will be a significant turning point in restraining the brutal and lawless exploitation greed of Greif bosses. In raising the flag of struggle of the working class against the hell of sub-contraction, it is and will be a leverage in moving with much more self confidence in comparison with the past

Greif workers who revolt against the hell of sub-contraction, against the wage of misery, against the working conditions which override the pride of the class and against all kinds of arbitrariness and irregularities are becoming the flag of honour.

We greet the workers of Greif who carry the spirit of June to the fields of production, who show the way of fight to the working class.

We greet the Greif resistance which exposes the genuine willpower of the class, and which smashes the barricades of trade-union bureaucracy with this willpower and self confidence.

Greif resistance which displays a proletarian stand against a common problem such as the sub-contraction system which drags the working class to hell-like conditions is the resistance of all working class and of all labourers.

It is a historical responsibility to do all we can to support and strengthen this resistance which has become the honour of the working class in every field we are in.

Greif Resistance is for the humanly working and living conditions of all workers and labourers.

Carrying the struggle of and expanding the support to Greif resisters who stand against slave-like working and living conditions is identical with protecting the honour and freedom of the working class!

-We will knock over the slavery of sub-contraction.

-We want the whole world not just a crump of it.

-Down with the system of waged slavery.

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