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Join the MLCP in its 20th year of struggle, support the just human struggle, strengthen honour and freedom!

Marxist Leninist Party Turkey / Noirt Kurdistan (MLCP), 5 September 2014

We fight for a world without classes, exploitation, gender differences and borders!

Join the MLCP in its 20th year of struggle, support the just human struggle, strengthen honour and freedom!

Workers, women, youth and labouring people!
Our party, the very existence of which is bound to its revolutionary aims, is in its 20th year of struggle.
The foundation of MLCP on 10th September was a brave revolutionary response to the imperialist bourgeoisie, that proclaimed the total hegemony of capitalism on the eve of the 21th century all over the world.
The MLCP is the batallion of our peoples for freedom and socialism, which raises its head against the denying, colonialist, fascist dictatorship. It means defiance against the denying, colonialist, fascist oppression and against the capitalist exploitation.
The MLCP is the comrade of all Mustafa Suphi s, Denizes, Mahirs and Ibrahims. It is a party that has internalized revolutionary will, spirit of sacrife and revolutionary bravery.
The MLCP is a rebellion within the communist and revolutionary movement against the tradition of unprincipled division and fragmentation.
The MLCP is a revolutionary break with the culture of group spirit and sectarianism, it is the consciousness of a unified struggle and revolutionary comradeship.
The MLCP was created through breaking with the revolutionary spontaneism to wait for the revolution and realize developments in an evolutionary way within the boundaries of the dictatorship.
It has taken stand for the organization of the revolution. It saw the evolutionary and revolutionary development as special aspects of progress. It followed the line of application and melting together of all methods and forms of struggle, that become necessary politically. It built up a high wall between itself and a type of leadership that focuses on its inner affairs and on the necessities of the group. It did not limit itself to the fixed dates in the calendar. It did not just take down notes nor did it become observer and interpreter of the struggle. It maintained the questions, demands and whishes of the workers and oppressed as the core of its political leadership. It did not content itself with intervening in an existing agenda, but determined the agenda. It participated in the front lines of struggle and took stand as a vanguard party.
Brothers and sisters!
The MLCP hardened through the spirit of sacrifice of the fighters, that defeated death in revolutionary actions, the attacks of disappearance in prison, in the preparations of war, in the death fast , in prison resistances, in the torture cells and confrontations with the fascist enemy.
The MLCP gained its right to existence marching under fire,  devoting all methods and forms of struggle, appropriate to the revolutionary values, to the cause of struggle and leading the struggle on base of the problems, demands and whishes of workers and oppressed.
The MLCP developed its communist qualities and its international revolutionary perspectives by preventing its degeneration to an end in itself and always gave more weight to the revolutionary ideals than to itself.
The MLCP strengthened its Marxist-Leninist identity through joining the struggle for women's liberation, for current democratic demands and through participating in the struggle against the patriarchal order and thereby giving the slogan of women's revolution political and organizational forms.
Workers, oppressed and poor!
The MLCP is the understanding of and the search for a special path of the unified revolution in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.
The MLCP is the bright spirit of going on to the attack and the perspective of victory from the Gazi uprising in 1995 and the June uprising in 2013.
The MLCP is to force its agenda on the state and the rulers regarding the forced disappearance and in other examples. It is political-military struggle mentality, incorporated in the Sultanbeyli attack.
The MLCP is the party of the studying youth, rebelling on the 4th and 5th February 1996. It is the party of the young communist will of the high-school and university youth, that put itself in the foreground through the leading strength of the many.
The MLCP is an expression of the revolutionary claim and determination to not let the imperialist NATO pass in Istanbul.
The MLCP is a socialist-patriotic entity in Kurdistan and a firm attitude in the Kurdish national freedom struggle; it proved so on different occasion from the campaigns against the denying colonialism to political-military actions against the practice of human shield, from the struggle against the democratic peace to the actions against racist attacks.
The MLCP is the vanguard of the struggle that is fought against the labour crimes.
The MLCP is the will of the barricades built up against the women crimes.
The MLCP is a centre of the unified revolution rising in Rojava and Shingal. It is a Kurdish communist option, it is the claim of regional revolution and it is the line of internationalism.
The MLCP is the guidance not to focus onself on lost battles, but on the victories to win, not to loose oneself in defeats.
Brothers and sisters!
As a pupil of the revolution, that learns passionately, knows how to renew itself, that confronts its own defects openly and self-critically, with a high grade of victory resolution and the claim to be sucessful our party reached to make it one of its qualities to develop itself further, learning from Marxism-Leninism, the experiences of the revolutionary struggles in Turkey and Kurdistan and from the masses. Its 20 years long history is full of these examples. In this sense the following points are decisive: The understanding of class struggle, the antagonism between exploited and exploiters, between oppressed and oppressors, between rich and poor; to treat the struggle on this base, the party theory, the question of strategy, the question of methods and forms of struggle, the women's liberation struggle, the national liberation struggle, the unified revolutionary and democratic struggle and the internationalist mentality, the perspective of regional revolution, not to understand the revolution in single countries as an end in itself, not to turn one's back on world revolution.
The MLCP is ready for the leadership of the revolution in Turkey and Kurdistan.
The MLCP claiming leadership in the regional revolution has reached a new level in its mental preparation and has equiped itself with the lessons drawn from the first practical steps.
The programme of our party, its strategy, its organizational structure, the quality of its cadres are ready to corespond  with the requirements of leadership on both levels.
Workers, women, youth and labouring people!
The MLCP as the organized vanguard of the working class, is the banner, the voice and the fist of all oppressed's struggles for freedom and democratic rights. Thus, our party's forces form part of the struggles of workers, youth, poor in city and countryside, the little labouring people, employees, the Alawite parts of our peoples, the anticapitalist Muslims, LGBT, our Kurdish people, the national communities as Circassian, Abkhaz, Laz, Armenian, Greek, Assyrian, Êzidî, Arab, Bosnian and Roma against the fascist dictatorship, the denying colonialism, the men hegemony state, the order of capital and against imperialism; it supports their demands, it is their guide.

It is our party's duty to organize actions in defence of the just struggles of workers and oppressed against oppression and of the isolated and resisting prisoners based on revolutionary mass violence and military methods of struggle to confront the attacks of police and army forces, that obey to the will of rich, exploiters and tyrannts.
It is our party's and our people's duty to call to account those practising fascist terror, whose hands are stained with the blood of labouring people and oppressed, torturers, those spinning the wheel of injustice, spies, people hostile gangs.
The MLCP will keep on marching and raising the level of struggle with sacrifice spirit, bravery and creativity. With the strong will necessary for a vanguard and leading party and sacrificing everything  necessary it will fly the banner of freedom and socialism.
Our party takes stand for the liberation of humanity, of workers from the capitalist slavery, from any form of national oppression, from ignorance and despair, from dishonourableness, from persecution and from being humiliated. Revolution, proletarian might and everything else are important, valuable and indispensable for this task, but never an end in itself. The aim is a world of brotherhood, without exploitation, classes, social separation of the sexes, an honourable, free and happy humanity.
Our party calls everybody, every worker, who wants justice and same rights for the peoples and dreams of a new free world, every woman, the youth, the farmers, the intellectual, those creating art, the scientists, the sportists, those working in the press, labouring officials, poor, unemployed,  pensioner to join the ranks of our party in the 20th year of struggle, support it by spreading its just, revolutionary struggle, passing on informations and knowledge, offering it possibilities, financially contributing something and participating in the actions.
The MLCP is ready to focus all its forces to join even bigger struggles and to help the ideals of the fallen comrades to eventually be sucessful.
The only way is the revolution, long live socialism!
Long live MLCP, for the victory of the revolution.
Long live the world revolution!

5th September 2014
K. Gökdeniz
General secretary of MLCP

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