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On the present political situation in Turkey / North Kurdistan

Resolution of the 2nd ICOR World Conference


The June uprising and the national liberation struggle of Kurdistan still determine the present domestic situation in Turkey and North Kurdistan. The June uprising of 2013 inflicted a heavy defeat on the AKP dictatorship. The plan of Prime Minister Erdogan for a transition to a presidential system has become useless. However, what is even more important: the uprising in the West of Turkey has led to the people having regained confidence in struggle and to opening the way for the militancy of the masses. Three to four million people took part in the actions. After June the mass actions even continued and there was a revival of workers' resistance.

In the actions for taking leave of Berkin (who had been shot and wounded in a police attack in June 2013 and was in a coma for 269 days) on 12 March 2014, the reactions of the people again developed into big mass actions. Far more than one million people took to the streets in Istanbul and other cities of Turkey.

The Kurdish national liberation movement also continues the democratic struggle for peace. At Newroz 2014, 1.5 million people participated in mass demonstrations in Amed (Diyarbakir) and altogether in North Kurdistan several million people. Parallel to that, the liberation movement develops the national-democratic revolution in Rojava with the joint armed resistance of the peoples and with the further construction of people's administrations.

The forces of the counterrevolution are trying to divide the masses and to destroy and undermine the revolutionary self-confidence of the Turkish people, that awakened in the June uprising, as well as the revolutionary self-confidence of the Kurdish people, which it has won through 30 years of armed resistance and that has been consolidated by the revolution of Rojava.

The 2nd ICOR World Conference expresses its solidarity with the struggles of the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan and the fighting revolutionary forces there.

Long live the liberation struggle of the peoples!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live Marxism-Leninism!

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