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Resolution on Afghanistan

Resolution of the 2nd ICOR World Conference


It has been about thirteen long years that world imperialism, under the leadership of the United States of America, is shedding the blood of the oppressed people of Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting against terrorism and establishing democracy; this claims countless victims day after day. No doubt, Afghanistan has become a common colony of world imperialism and its allies. This is why the struggle for its liberation should also be supported by a worldwide revolutionary front. Stalin says:“The formation of a common revolutionary front is impossible unless the proletariat of the oppressor nations renders direct and determined support to the liberation movement of the oppressed peoples against the imperialism of its 'own country',...”, and, “The national question is a part of the general question of the proletarian revolution, a part of the question of the dictatorship of the proletariat.” (Stalin Works, volume 6: The Foundations of Leninism)

In accordance with this guidance of Leninism, the world revolutionary forces, in particular the communists, should provide all-sided support to the Afghan people in their struggle against the imperialists and the invaders from the respective nations. They should consider the comprehensive support of the Afghan people´s struggle for national liberation as part of the plans and programs for their struggle.

With the capacity of a world revolutionary organization, ICOR not only firmly condemns the brutal aggression of world imperialism in Afghanistan by issuing resolutions, but also declares its full solidarity with the people and revolutionary forces of Afghanistan. It calls upon all its members, especially those members whose “native“ imperialism and reaction have invaded Afghanistan, to fight against this aggression through different theoretical and practical means and to demand the complete withdrawal of their “native“ aggressors from Afghanistan.

Invading forces out of Afghanistan!

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