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Statements of delegates to the 2nd ICOR World Conference

1 April 2014

Delegates from Africa

MMLPL (Moroccan Marxist-Leninist Proletarian Line)

“The conference was held within the planned time frame and was very well organized by the comrades of our host country. The second thing is the very high level of the theoretical, ideological and practical discussion, which resulted in a profound exchange of the revolutionaries regarding experiences and new ideas for the building of ICOR at the international and continental level. Everything, the progress report and the resolutions were discussed in depth and a democratic atmosphere was prevailing when votes were taken and when speaking out. It is a successful step of the international proletarian movement. That is to say, a new phase into which ICOR enters internationally.“

ORC (Revolutionary Organization of Congo)

“The second World Conference of ICOR took place in a comradely and warm spirit. This certainly has positive effects on the development of ICOR to a higher level. By way of the resolutions, the conference also expresses the will of its members in relation to the actual practical aspects of the struggle. We have also done theoretical analyses in order to improve the coordination and cooperation at the international level.“

CPSA(ML) (Communist Party of South Africa (Marxist-Leninist))

“This conference is very important. There were very valuable contributions among the delegates. And also there were very good resolutions which make this conference to advance in future. So it is very important to us. We have experienced a lot of things which are going to help the working class.”

PPSR WATAD (Patriotic Socialist Revolutionary Party of Tunisia)

“At this conference, we have witnessed a democratic fruitful discussion with numerous questions of ideological, political or organizational nature, which has enriched our culture and our experience. The bilateral meetings have made it possible for us, to get to know first-hand the ideas, political positions, the experiences of our comrades from the different ICOR member parties. The founding of ICOR was a correct and necessary act, in order to unite the revolutionary forces, to reinforce them and to augment their struggles against world imperialism and reaction. The efforts made by the founding comrades of the ICOR since the first World Conference are enormous and deserve to be highly appreciated. The ICC and the comrades of the host country also deserve our recognition for all the work they have done in order to ensure the success of the conference in all areas, particularly in guaranteeing a secure course of the conference. The good conditions under which the conference took place, facilitated the tasks of the comrades, providing them with the necessary stamina for this 2nd Conference. I would like to underline the responsibility of all of us here, for further developing this organization, for making its work more effective and for winning further organizations for collaboration, and for extending the mass basis, in particular among the workers. Because without this, ICOR cannot become an acting power, able to change the social reality which is based upon exploitation and oppression. Thanks to all comrades. Onwards to making our objectives become reality! Long live proletarian internationalism, long live communism! Honor to our great leaders Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin!“

Delegates from America

PCC- M (Communist Party of Colombia - Maoist)

"I think that the participating delegates had a very positive attitude. One could feel the desire for change and progress of ICOR. One can see that this 2nd Conference is the product of a development of the work since the 1st Conference. In particular regarding the importance of the leadership of ICOR during the last three and a half years. In this conference, one could also see the the necessity to advance in the practical coordination and collaboration of all members, which is also in accordance with their wishes. It was a very successful, fraternal conference which set itself important aims for the future regarding proletarian internationalism.“

PML del Perú (Marxist-Leninist Party of Peru)

“My opinion regarding an evaluation is that the objectives were achieved, the agenda was implemented and thus it was a successful event. It was successful because it enabled us to exchange experiences and positions and to raise the level of theoretical understanding of the participants. I am convinced that this will be reflected in an improvement of the political build-up work, in changes in the respective countries, in their contribution to changing the world, this planet. I witnessed an attitude, a will, an identification and conviction of the delegates to unite, to change, in the unison of theory and practice. And this is very good. Compared to other ICOR events in which I took part, I see that this identification with ICOR is consolidating. The commitment to ICOR is progressing. And given the course of development, the experience of the cadres, who have now taken over a number of leading functions, as well as the quality of the delegates themselves, I see a success, a promising future for ICOR and the respective peoples. I am optimistic regarding our aim to build up something solidary and just, making this humankind a socialist and communist humankind. Democracy and freedom are two topics which were dealt with, which are closely connected with this perspective, and I believe that this will prove fruitful. I leave satisfied. The contradictions are a subordinate aspect and also very welcome. Finally, they will be resolved. I embrace the comrades and thank the comrades of the host country, who were very good organizers and hosts. But I also think that the delegations made their contribution and I also wish to extend my gratitude and self-obligation to them. Thank you.“

PCP (independiente) (Paraguayan Communist Party (independent))

"I think that the organization is very good and also the participation and I believe that the conference is very positive. There is a good development, a good collaboration with the aim to strengthen ICOR. And that we will sharpen the ideological aspect, so that we can do the work in all continents. Only if we improve and reach a common view regarding the theoretical, ideological aspect, we can reach a great unity of all peoples. I think this is the spirit of this conference."

PPP (Proletarian Party of Peru)

"The 2nd conference of ICOR has now become a milestone in the development of the international communist movement. Not only because of its results but also because of the decisions and the quality of the delegates and the political power, which the political parties that take part in this conference represent. Moreover, it demonstrated great aptitude regarding the organizational aspect, a great ability to develop in everything that concerns the work and its ability to extend the work of ICOR at a worldwide level. It has laid foundations, it has its resolutions, decisions and its elected leadership for our project, an organization which fights against the offensive of imperialism in an effective way.“

NPCH(ML) (New Communist Party of Haiti (Marxist-Leninist))

“The conference is of paramount importance for our organization. Because this enabled us to meet a number of people here who express their opinions, and to learn from them. Moreover, the truths of such a conference allow us to explain to the masses of Haiti how the other political parties think, which decided to organize this in Europe and in particular the comrades of the host country. The feeling to belong to the people in this conference, which allows us to continue learning, remains the important thing for us.“

ROL, USA (Revolutionary Organization of Labor)

“I think it is very significant that a number of serious parties, communist parties and revolutionary parties and organizations from many countries of the world are seriously participating in an effort to have international cooperation and coordination of proletarian revolutionary forces. The international working class, in order for us to be united, the vanguard of the international working class has to become much more internationalist. And these organizations are definitely taking a good step in that direction with this ICOR.”

Delegates from Asia

Ranjbaran (Proletarian Party of Iran)

“First, as you have seen, the conference has finished with great success. We have adopted many resolutions, held the elections etc. I hope that we will advance, because the problem of the proletariat in the world is not a formal one, it is about the international practice. I hope that we will make progress in this direction. (...) The translation, the food, all this was very well organized. I convey my recognition to the hosts who organized this meeting.“

CPN (Unified) (Communist Party of Nepal (Unified))

“Our party has been a member party of ICOR and we are taking part in this 2nd international conference and we found the proceedings and the subject matters and the management over here to make this conference a success very nice, very very fruitful. And we have learned so many things from here regarding all the things which have been going on over here.“

CPN (Unified) (Communist Party of Nepal (Unified))

“This ICOR 2nd World Conference is very important and I'm very proud. So this conference will go to dictate to very important and very much unified revolutionary communist parties and organizations must go to unite.”

NCP (Mashal) (Nepal Communist Party (Mashal))

“We are much impressed. The ICOR Congress is a very big step to our international work. We think it will help us to our revolutionary movement throughout the world.“

CPI(ML) Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

“Firstly, it is clear from seeing this conference as compared to the Founding Conference how much ICOR has developed. That is a development both in terms of quantity as well as in terms of quality. There is a much greater integration among all the different constituents, much greater trust and much greater team spirit between everybody. So that is very good thing. We hope that we can build up this team spirit and play the role that ICOR actually should by taking into the streets and fighting with all the people who are fighting against different types of injustice and by being able to bring the working class to the leadership of all these movements.“

CPI(ML) Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

“67 years after the dissolution of the Communist International there was a great idea and a great beginning in 2010. So now this conference has underlined the significance of the effort we have made and the great beginning and it is going to strengthen the international communist movement in a big way. And for example all the problems the financial capital crisis has created - the imperialist system as a whole is facing a crisis. And the serious financial crisis shows that imperialism is not an answer to any problems. Socialism is the only answer to imperialism.“

CPB (Communist Party of Bangladesh)

“This is important because there is a high level of unification of the Marxist-Leninist parties of the world. So this is an important event. So from the historical point of view this will be a milestone of the revolutionary movement and of the communist parties. There is lively discussion based on democratic principles, on a proletarian democracy we are practicing. So this is very interesting.

CPB (Communist Party of Bangladesh)

“My impression is very good and I think that this conference moves to our struggle for socialism, democracy and fight against imperialism, religious fundamentalism, so that I think this conference educated me, educated us. From all over the world, people came here and their attitude, their speech also is very helpful to me.”

MLOA (Marxist-Leninist Organization of Afghanistan)

“I think, it's great, as you can meet many revolutionaries from different countries and exchange experiences and learn many things from them and contribute your own experiences and the situation of your own country.”

MLOA (Marxist-Leninist Organization of Afghanistan)

It's been a very, very friendly and warm, comradely atmosphere which is really, really very special in the sense that outside this environment we can't find it. And besides there is the aspect of exchange of views and also experience with other comrades and also the fact that we learn from them as they may learn from us.”

Delegates from Europe

MLP(Russia) (Marxist-Leninist Platform)

“First, I would like thank the comrades of the host country for the excellent organization of the conference. They have done a great practical job so that the representatives of the different countries can meet here. We have succeeded here in establishing many different contacts in having important debates on important issues. Virtually from first hand, we learned how the situation in the different countries has developed and which important events took place there. This enables us to take clear positions on important social developments and to carry on and develop the fight for the socialist revolution.“

MLP(Russia) (Marxist-Leninist Platform)

“For us from the Marxist-Leninist Platform it was a very important opportunity and possibility to take part in this 2nd international conference. We are very serious about this international work, because we also work for changing the social conditions at the international level. And this is why it is very important for us, to be part of an international Marxist-Leninist movement. It was very useful for us to meet here with comrades from many different countries, also from faraway countries, to receive experiences from them and to exchange views about important developments in their countries. And we are very sure, that the decisions taken here and the adopted resolutions will help to develop the international coordination of the different countries, the different parties and organizations to a higher level. Workers of all countries, unite! Workers of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite!“

BKP (Bulgarian Communist Party)

“Thank you for the efforts with which the organization of the conference was prepared and carried out. The frank atmosphere in this place makes a very good impression, everybody can express his opinion without worries. In this context, it was maybe not very matter-of-fact, when some delegations spoke on things close to their hearts, but which were not necessarily on the agenda. But one must also learn to listen. On the whole, I was pleased that we could reach agreements on many issues and were able to advance the course of ICOR.“

Partija Rada, Yugoslavia (Party of Labor)

“At the 2nd conference we could establish many more contacts and this was excellent for us in order to develop our work to a higher level. There was much more enthusiasm regarding the future and the whole work of ICOR. The Party of Labor will continue to intensify and continue its work at the local level, but now in particular also at the international level. We hope for a corresponding support of our work from other organizations which were present here. In terms of news, exchange of information, but also as regards practical support by activities in their own countries.“

Partija Rada, Yugoslavia (Party of Labor)

“The most important thing is essentially that this international collaboration takes place at all, this is the most important thing for us. It is only a small beginning, but the direction is already good. There are still very many ideological barriers, but in the future we will overcome even this, so I believe, through the events in society. We are pleased to have taken part here. This is not only very important for the Party of Labor, but also for ICOR.“

KSRD (Coordination Council of the Working-class Movement of Ukraine)

“At the conference there is a very important element of the organized collaboration for the working class. Since 28 organizations took part, there was exchange of experiences, which helps us a lot in understanding the experience in the development of the disputes in the different countries and this enriches our own work in this sense. And according to my experience such forums are excellent opportunities to deepen our understanding and to train us better for leading the struggle for the liberation of the working class and for socialism in the future.“

KSRD (Coordination Council of the Working-class Movement of Ukraine)

“For us it is important that the process of the international revolution will develop to a higher level and will be integrated into the platform of ICOR. Of course, we are pleased very much by the conference and in particular by the fact that new countries and organizations were present. Dozens of oral contributions were made here, which gave us a concrete insight into the development of class struggle. The most important thing for us in this conference was the impression that the unity of the different organizations taking part has developed further. And it is of particular importance to learn about the experience of the others and to share one's own experiences with them.“

BAP(K) (Bulgarian Workers Party (Communist))

“I am here for the first time. First, I was worried that I would not understand everything which has been discussed here. But my impression is the following: I am of the opinion that this conference must not deviate from the principles of Marxism-Leninism, otherwise it would lose its effect and follow a revisionist development. (...) If we abandon these principles and do not work on the basis of Marxism-Leninism, we would pursue a revisionist development. If it is not the most developed class, the working class, which holds the lead, then we will not succeed in leading the broad masses along the right path.“

MLGS (Marxist-Leninist Group of Switzerland)

“My impression is very good. It is a very vivid conference, also the different opinions and positions and directions which arise and you can also discuss these contradictions among each other and partly also solve them. It is important to also meet a lot of new people and establish contacts with them and also have a practical exchange with the people and get to know each other personally and thus mutual solidarity as a whole is growing.”

MLGS (Marxist-Leninist Group of Switzerland)

“It is a very exciting conference with many, very profound ideological debates also on the various different positions. And it elates me that despite of that, all are holding together and really want, in spite of these differences, that the culture of debate remains guaranteed. And you feel this strong will to advance and to work towards the socialist international revolution and to be ready to form a Comintern again at some point of time in the future. And maybe sometimes we are still a little too impatient. We need much strength for that.”

MLKP, Turkey-North-Kurdistan (Marxist Leninist Communist Party Turkey / North Kurdistan)

“I have got a positive impression of the conference, especially that so many organizations from various spectra have come together to exchange their ideological positions in the struggle. At such conferences the organizations from all parts of the world can exchange their experiences and learn from the different methods of struggle in the countries. In addition, bridges can be built between the countries against bourgeois nationalism.”

MLKP, Turkey-North-Kurdistan (Marxist Leninist Communist Party Turkey / North Kurdistan)

“I did not attend the 1st Conference, but people who were present there told me that progress has been made, that the 2nd World Conference is much better organized, questions are being addressed which could not be addressed at the 1st Conference. The comrades and organizations present here are interested in the future struggle within the ICOR. I hope that ICOR will form an ideological unity in the foreseeable future, this will then be the world organization.”

BP(NK-T) (Bolshevik Party (North Kurdistan-Turkey))

“I find the 2nd World Conference is of exceptional importance. We have had a very lively debate on important points. Among these is for example what we have discussed today, the environmental question. But also in the margins of the conference very important meetings took place. There was a first meeting of the Balkan countries, we have decided to maybe hold a conference in the Balkans, to this effect the first preparatory committee has already been founded. We are very pleased with this. Moreover, we think it is important that there was an event dealing with the World Women's Conference which many delegates showed interest in. These were many important moments for me. Thank you.“

MLPD (Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany)

“My general impression of the conference is excellent. You do not only get an idea, but also a feeling for the international revolutionary movement and the huge potential ICOR has to really achieve the coordination and revolutionization of the movements in the world. It is still a beginning, it is a small beginning, but with a huge potential and with excellent people really representing the most important movements in the world: working-class struggles, struggle for democracy and freedom, the youth movement etc. Of course there are also differences, but I was very much impressed by the way in which these differences have been discussed, democratically, openly, frankly and despite differing ideological-political foundations we have discussed them objectively and are growing together more and more as a basis for an extended practical revolutionary activity in the future.”

MLPD (Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany)

“I have a wonderful, outstanding impression because the conference is composed of a lot of organizations having undergone a great progress in insight during the past years and also during these days of the conference. And I have the impression that there has been a big step forward in important ideological-political questions and a very, very good relationship based on trust has grown. The atmosphere is fantastic, people help each other, there is a great thirst for knowledge, it really has a mobilizing effect.”

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