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Reconstrucción Comunista RC, 13 march 2015


Moved by the deepest proletarian internationalism, many comrades have attended to the solidarity call that was carried out from Rojava, to the cry for help that threw the kurdish people attending to the terrorist brutality which was knocking at their door.

As it happened in Spain in 1936, the revolutionary organisations in the world have made their biggest sacrifice in favour of the interests of the international working class and its just struggle against fascism, by making up new international brigades.

These brigades, ideologically heir of those that promoted the Kommintern, bring together many young marxist-leninists who are ready to sacrifice everything, to leave apart their lives, their quotidian tasks and their relatives for their duty with their class. They want to take the weapons with the YPG and YPJ militiamen and militiawomen, who are the most coherent and disciplined working class heroes, who are also ready to loose their lives far from their homes if this allows the kurdish people and the social advances in Rojava to be able to stand and face Daesh's fascist gangs.

Today we bury our comrade Ivana Hoffman. The working class cries her death, but we know that her sacrifice will not be in vain. Her example inspires thousands of young people all around the world. For six months she defended the people from the extermination which was waiting for them by the hands of the ISIS mercenaries. She refused all the conveniences that exist in Germany in order to take de weight of the first line against the enemy. She fell facing the fascist gangs in Til Temir, thanks to her sacrifice the assault of the reaction still stands.

Nothing can bring the comrade Ivana back to us, but we know that she lives in their comrades' hearts. Every victory, every triumph will be get in her honour, in honour of all the comrades who gave their lives in the struggle for the emancipation of the working class.

Her life is an example for all the workers all around the world, her selfless will to sacrifice, her unbreakable compromise with everyone who suffers the injustice lights the path to all the revolutionary militants.

We show our support to all the MLKP comrades who today say goodbye to Hoffman. Your pain is our pain, your war is ours too. We know the irreplaceable losts the working class is going thrugh in Rojava. We know that more comrades will fall in the war against the brutality, but we are sure that we will get the victory.

As we made front to the fascist brutality in the 20th century, today the decisive battle is taking place now in Rojava. The same way the proletariat started on The Stalingrad ruins the counter-offensive that smashed the nazi army thanks to the slefless sacrifice of the people like Ivanna. The end of the ISIS will start in Kobanê. Every drop of blood shed by the working class in Rojava will germinate the proletarian revolution, the victory is closer and closer every day, the enemy won't make us go back down. A sea of fists will rise up and throw out all those who try to subdue the kurdish workers. All the comrades who fell will be reminded. Their militant example inundate the conscious of the youth that will continue the legacy of the comrade Hoffmann, the comrade Nejat, the comrade Bulut and all the ones who shed their blood in order to the just cause of setting free the proletariat from their slavery.

Honour and glory to the comrade Ivanna Hoffmann! 
Long live to the internationalist solidarity!
The martyrs of the people will live forever! 
Long live to the MLKP!
Long live to the marxism-leninism and the proletarian internationalism! 
Sehid namerin! Yasasin enternasyonalist dayanisma! 

13th March, 2015


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