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Let us defeat the fascist palace coup d'etat! Down with Putschist Erdoğan

by MLCP Central Committee, 25 July 2015

Peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan, working people from different religious beliefs!
Tayyip Erdoğan, whose demand for 400 seats in parliament and the presidential system was rejected by the peoples at the elections and whose AKP government has fell down, committed a palace coup supported by the fascist generals, the police chiefs, MIT and the Contra-guerilla.
The pretext of the civil-fascist putschists, who are following the road of Kenan Evren and his collaborators, are just a repetition of those of the fascist generals of September 12 under new conditions.
The fascist coup aims at strangling the struggle of the working class and the oppressed for freedom, justice and equality of the peoples. It aims at making impossible the use of the democratic rights and freedoms won in struggle by the labourers, women, youth, peasants and poor under hard sacrifices. It is planned to go to new general elections under conditions of war and a de facto martial rule and legalize Tayyip Erdoğan as fascist chief by the presidential system.
Fascist, denying colonialist war, detention and imprisonment terror, murder by the state, attacking meetings and demonstrations with gas, pressurized water cannons, truncheons, gunstocks and bullets will be the main methods of the struggle of the putschists against our peoples and their revolutionary, national-democratic and antifascist forces. The  denying colonialist war announced by Tayyip Erdoğan himself and the bombardments against Kandil and the Medya Defence Areas following the decision to attack the actions of workers, youth, women and labourers are the first examples.
It is obvious that Tayyip Erdoğan made an agreement with the USA in order to get approval and support for this coup d'etat. Use of the military base Incirlik and carrying out several wishes and demands of the USA are obviously part of that.

Workers, Women, Youth, Poor!
Let us firmly unite around the demand for freedom, justice and a just, honourable and democratic peace in order to defeat the fascist palace coup. Let us smash the fascist palace coup of Tayyip Erdoğan with strikes, boycotts, street actions, closing down the shops and turning round the keys, occupying motorways, accompanying our immortals freely on their last ways, not accepting the detention terror, making it impossible that the fascist police, enemy of the people, is walking around in the labouring districts, answering the terror of the dictatorship by revolutionary mass violence, by serhildans and uprisings. Let us stop the fascist denying colonialist war started against freedom of opinion, press, gathering, organisation and action of the working class and the oppressed as well as against the right of the peoples of self-determination.

Revolutionary and Antifascist Parties and Organisations!
Let us rise the united struggle against the fascist palace coup of Tayyip Erdoğan. Let us strengthen the united democratic front, which came out with victory from the elections of June 7 and is willing to show initiative in even bigger struggles. Let us strengthen political-military forms of struggle in the cities and in the mountains against the AKP government and the dictatorship, which switched together with the palace coup to a line of continuing their policy by means of denying colonialist war, fascist state terror and methods of the contra-guerilla. Let us grow the unity of action of the militia forces in the labouring districts, schools and industrial areas.

We will smash the fascist palace coup!
Freedom, justice, equality of the peoples!
The only way is revolution, long live socialism!

25 July 2015         
MLCP Central Committee

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