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Rebuild Kobanê

by TIKB, 9 march 2015
Dear comrades,
The human tragedy in Kobanê was for all the world to see. A magnificial resistance which has not taken even a single step backwards was exhibited against the reactionaries. This opposition is perhaps the first after Stalingrad. Kurdish people moved front in this fight with limited powers in all respects.
The task for the labouring humanity was to defend Kobanê until yesterday. Today’s task is to rebuild that wrecked city.
The compaign “Help rebuild Kobanê! You too put a brick!” initiated by trade union İnşaat-İş (Construction Workers Union) in Turkey is one of the steps of this historical resistance embraced by the fronts of the working class. It is a modest but a very valuable step. Until today we know that several fellow organisations from the revolutionary movement of Turkey have gone to fight for Kobanê resistance. But it is the first time a worker’s trade union is taking such a courageous step; moreover, this is taking place in the social reality of Turkey that has been poisoned by chauvinism.
This campaign is to be extended, enlarged and made known publicly. Participation of the squads of working class in different countries should be realised. They should become the flag of the class against bourgeoisie and reactionism just like the “International Brigades” who fought against fascism in Spain.
We wish to make this a campaign issue and we wish to put the groups which will participate in the construction process in Kobanê on the agenda of parties and organisations within ICOR. It will be helpful if Europe execution will consider the issue in their first meeting and discuss the things to be done with member parties and organisations.
We have forwarded the invitation text of Construction Workers Union before.
We are awaiting your reply
Our best regards…

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