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by Ranjbaran, 6 January 2015

To all labor and revolutionary forces, trade unions of western countries, Turkey, the entire world, international parties and revolutionary organizations, also local and international public institutions.
Iraq's Federation of Lawyers and the International Federation of Lawyers and Jurists
Dear presidents and member of above entities, no doubt you are aware that Hassan Taffah who is member of both listed organizations, is over five years that secret security service agency of the Islamic Republic is after him with conspiracy and making false records against him. This reactionary agency was forcing Hassan to use his law office illegally in Dubai to work for the Islamic regime. in other words, to buy illegal weapons and money laundering for the Islamic republic when Hassan as a militant, honest and honorable person refuse to cooperate with authorities. In retaliation for his honesty and integrity, they brought all kinds of accusations with false records against him. Following these accusations, he was tried and imprisoned. In Hassan's case, there is no charge and no documented or verifiable evidence of his guilt and without any evidence and witness, through illegal trial he was convicted. Now, it is your duty to defend and support an honest, honorable attorney, and a member of the national and global advocacy with all your strength. By any reason, if you are unwilling to defend your member, how do you think other defendants and "convicts" could trust and rely on your defense and duty to discover the truth and defend the rights of human beings? Now, in reality your defense of Hassan Taffah, is defending you own reputation and proof of your ability to achieve the human objective of (legal) attorneyship.
As an imprisoned worker, who, innocently like many other political prisoners in Iran have been falsely charged, trialed and imprisoned, thank all of you and while, intimately shaking your hands, asking you to do anything nationally and internationally possible for the rescue of Hassan Taffah.
I am cordially asking from all labor and revolutionary forces, trade unions of western countries, Turkey, the entire world, international parties and revolutionary organizations, also local and international public institutions to protect and defend Hassan Taffah who was one of the Iraqi revolutionary activists and now is illegally imprisoned. To rescue this honorable revolutionary, we must help the Federation of Iraqi Lawyers and International Federation of Lawyers and Jurists, as well as preparing, planning and executing the required practical steps and protest actions.
To introduce Hassan Taffah, I like to draw your attention to the following:
Hassan was born in Iraq, he became a lawyer and started practicing law in this country. He is a member of the Federation of Iraqi Lawyers. This attorney who was born in an Iranian Family residing in Iraq, like many other Iranians in Iraq have been kicked out from this country under Saddam and with his family returned to Iran. Hassan in 2008 , did not cooperate with secret security service agency and as the result, he was arrested by the security forces and was taken to section 209 of Evin Prison. He was charged with acting against Islamic system, acting against national security and propaganda against Islamic revolution and then sentenced by judge Salavati in the revolutionary court, branch 15. In the appeal court, the charge of acting against Islamic system was removed and finally because of two remaining charges, was sentenced with 15 years imprisonment in exile. By confirming his sentence, he was transferred from Evin to the prison of City of Rejaie for exile. He had a law office in Dubai and was practicing as a well known Iraqi attorney. Because of his public connections and having an office in Dubai, Iran's Ministry of Intelligence on number of occasions proposed to him for illegal cooperation, outside of arm (and other accessories) embargo to provide the regime with their arms requirements. He did not cooperate with them and for this reason alone, he was arrested. Now, he is suffering from leukemia, elderly or sick person under the law is exempt from prison, and this is announced by the doctors and have been stated in the case files. Hassan Taffah is a member of the Communist Party of Iraq and has spent about half of his live in various prisons.
From the prison of the City of Rajaie, Shahrokh Zamani
December 30, 2014
Reproduction and distribution: Committee to support Shahrokh Zamani
March toward wider protest with the slogan of:

Imprisoned Workers and Political Prisoners Must Be Freed!

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