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by MLCP, International Bulletin No. 161, 29 March 2016

The colonial Turkish regime’s fascist siege has continued in the Kurdish cities Cizre and Sur. With tanks, war planes and helicopters The Kurdish people and those resisting have experienced oppression and tyranny. Towns are set on fire, women, children and young people marooned in the cellar are killed, people who lost their legs and arms are exposed to death. There is a crime against humanity committed in front of the world.

Mehmet Tunc, who was the co-president of Cizre People’s Council, informed on the phone about this brutality before he was killed himself.

On 26th January 2016 BBC Turkey managed to get through to M. Tunc on the phone who was marooned in a cellar together with 37 other Kurds and made a call to the world: “A tragedy is taking place here. If you continue to stay silent, believe me, you will be responsible for the death of these people, too.”

In February 2016 a seminar was organised in Brussels titled “The EU, Turkey, the Middle East and the Kurds”. There a call was made to the European countries and humanity: “Please stop this brutality…You have the power to finish the siege in Cizre. Otherwise we have to consider you as accomplices if any massacre happens”.

Mehmet Tunc told the Kurdish TV channel Med Nuce on the phone hours before he was killed and burned:

“…there are 30-40 people here who are burning. At the moment smoke came in and the fire came in through the holes…There are people who lost their feet, there are children, there are heavily injured and they will all burn alive. I have no doubt that this will go into history as a shame of whole Turkey, humanity and the UN…”

Their speeches on the great resistance against the colonial brutality and their messages to the Kurdish people and their comrades were:

The people of Cizre held their bodies against tanks and rockets. No one should doubt that I greet my friends continuing with the struggle. Despite 60 days of cold, hunger and thirst, the people of Cizre haven’t given up. That’s why people must be proud of us…It seems as if the risk of execution is coming up because yesterday they came and threatened us saying “Give up otherwise we will burn you all alive. We will strangle you all to death.” There is a barbarity going on in Cizre, a massacre, but we won’t give up.”

After this phone call, nearly 200 Kurdish people were killed stuck in the cellar due to the fascist siege and bombings. The people burned alive so that 130 out of 167 people still couldn’t be identified.

The history of this dirty war, which goes on without any legality, morality or human rules, is the continuation of the Turkish Republic and the former Ottoman Empire’s politics of applying a genocide to the Armenians and the oppressed people, exterminating and assimilation.

The colonial Turkish regime attacks the people of Northern Kurdistan with revenge policy after its Syria politics went down the pan and the Rojava revolution grew. The EU, USA and other imperialist and reactionary states of the region are accomplices of this crime against humanity and brutality.

As time passes, it becomes clear that with the EU membership debates as well as the “solution of the Kurdish question” the Kurdish nation will not be free nor will Turkey become democratic. The political freedom and democratic demands of our people will be realised with the anti-imperialist democratic people’s revolution.

The people in Kurdistan resist. The Rojava revolution and the revolutionary resistance in Bakure Kurdistan expect the international solidarity of the people of the region and the world. The revolution in Kurdistan is at the same time the revolutionary fire of the people resisting in the Middle East and the world. This fire must grow!

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