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by Bolshevik Party (North Kurdistan-Turkey), 23rd of July 2016

Coup attempt that began in the evening on 15th of July 2016 was suppressed early in the morning on 16th of July. When it came to power on 3rd of November in 2013, AKP allied with Gülen movement which it now considers as a terrorist organization! Gülen movement has the intention of seizing and transforming the state on long term through its cadres in governmental institutions. In its initial years, AKP leaned on Gülenist network in its struggle against Kemalist elites. Kemalists who were purged from police department and judiciary were replaced by Gülen's people. When it comes to eliminating Kemalist bureaucracy, AKP-Gülen alliance was triumphant despite minor problems.

Struggle for power emerged between AKP and Gülen movement when possibility of a military coup against the AKP government was ruled out and Kemalist bureaucracy was defeated. Closing down of ''Dershanes'' (Private Prep Schools for University Exams) which were back-yards of Gülen movement by the government escalated the fight between the two groups. On 7th of February 2012, head of Intellegence Service (MIT), Hakan Fidan was summoned to bear testimony. On 17th of December 2013, sons of four ministers, businesman Ali Agaoglu, director-general of Halkbank Süleyman Aslan and Reza Sarraf were arrested. On 25th of December 2013 prosecuters' orders to launch further operations were not carried out by the police department. Thus, the alliance between AKP and Gülen movement failed. AKP's partner became the leader of a terrorist organization! Erdogan said that parallel structure was first noticed in the attempt to arrest head of intellegence service (MIT) on 7th of February 2012!

On 17-25th of December 2013, a war was waged on Gülen movement that carried out operations against the government. Financial power of Gülen movement was targeted and its media was under the attack by the government. Gülen's influence in the police department was diminished. Now, AKP had to ally with Kemalists to purge Gülenist members of high judiciary. Legal changes were introduced to gain the upper hand in high judiciary. Now it was time for the military bureaucracy. AKP did not have any power in high rank positions and opted for Kemalist people in order to get rid of Gülenists within the army. Suspected Gülenists within the army would be removed from the army in High Military Council that would take place in August 2016!

Gülenists already knew that they would be dismissed in the meeting of ''High Military Council''. Military coup would start at 03.00 on 16th of July! However, on 15th of July at 16.00, Intellegence Service (MIT) realized that there would be a military uprising! For this reason, plotters had to change their plans. Military coup attempt of 15th of July was the outcome of the fight between AKP and Gülen movement. Gülenists wanted to eradicate AKP government through a military coup and to establish their hegemony by imposing state of emergency in the entire country.

One of the reasons why the coup failed is that the plotters could not attain support from the rest of the society. Moreover, high ranking officers in the army did not support the plotters. In this sense, plotters were just backed up by a small faction. People who went to the streets through Erdogan's call were instrumental in defeating the coup attempt. Another reason is that the police department resisted and fought back against the coup plotters.

After the coup attempt was suppressed, a witch-hunt was launched in North Kurdistan and Turkey. Judges, prosecuters, soldiers, rectors and deans at universities, academics and policemen who are believed to be a member of Gülenist movement were interned. Thousands of people were arrested. Ten thousands of public servants were dismissed. Brodcasting licence of radios and TV stations which allegedly belong to Gülenist people were lifted. Those who are accused of being a plotter suffered from torture and were treated badly.

In the name of struggling against the plotters, all the opposition has been persecuted. Public spaces which are banned for workers and laborers has remained at AKP people's disposal! In these public spaces, AKP propaganda is disseminated and it is narrated how democracy is saved! Discourse on ''democracy watch'' and ''reclaiming democracy'' is totally a fraud. It is true to resist military coup. A military fascist dictatorship that the plotters wanted to establish was avoided. Resisting military coup does not imply that there is democracy in North Kurdistan and Turkey. Despite some periods of relative democracy, Turkey has never been a democratic country. What AKP government maintains in our countries is not democracy but rather a plain fascist terror. What is protected is this plain fascist terror. Nevertheless, we did not and do not find it right to topple down a goverment which is elected by the popular will of the people through a military coup. The only way to put an end to AKP power is a revolution based on violence.

State of Emergency and its Implications

On 20th of July 2016, a three-month state of emergence was declared. Accoding to the constitution, state of emergence is declared if there are natural disasters, epidemics, heavy econimic crisis and violent events that may harm constitutional order. Appereantly, ''violent events that may harm constitutional order'' is used as an excuse to announce state of emergency. The outcomes of state of emergency would be as follows:

State of emergency means suspension of fundamental rights and freedoms. Government's spokesperson said that the European Convention on Human Rights was suspended. State of emergency is imposed in whole of North Kurdistan and Turkey. Governors of 81 cities are at the same time governors of state of emergency. These governors are granted absolute authority. After three monts, state of emergency may be extented one more time if necessary. President will govern the country through governmental decrees with the approval of council of ministers. The right of appeal for the governmental decrees is denied. Curfews might be imposed. Publication of newspapers, journals, books, flyers could be forbidden without court decision. All the citizes will have to carry their identities with them. Body and car search would be easier and ''offensive weapons'' found will be retained by the police. Meeting and demonstrations will not be allowed on the grounds of state of emergency. Some people might be forced to exile in the name of public order. Movies and theater plays can be supervised and prohibited. Detention period is already extented to 30 days. Under state of emergency, legal violations concerning investigations and prosecutions will be encountered. These are the outcomes of state of emergency.

It is hypocritical that state of emergency is declared to circumvent coup threat and to ''purge'' Gülenists. State of emergency will target all the opposition, Kurdish Liberation Movement, revolutionaries, communists and those who do not support AKP. State of emergency is declared since the plain fascist terror is conceived to be insufficient to deal with those above mentioned. With the introduction of state of emergency, the plain fascist terror will be carried out one step further. Turkey has never been a social, democratic state of law. Since the very begining, Turkey has been governed through fascism. State of emergency is opposed to the ideals of democracy, law and freedom. State of emergency will gradually abolish freedoms of press and thought which have already been under attack. The genuine reason of state of emergency is to maintain arbitrary governing. The country is aimed to be governed through governmental decrees.

AKP and Relations with Imperialism

AKP government was able to maintain good relations with Western imperialists until 2011-2012. Turkey wanted to get a full membership for the EU. Yet, most of member countries never really wished to accept a Muslim country as a EU member. In the course of events, AKP considered Gezi protests in May 2013 and 17-25 December 2013 events as coup attempts organized and supported directly by Western countries, especially Germany and the US. From that point on, AKP started to severly criticize Western countries. The West has been accused of being hypocrite and supporting terrorism. Erdogan plainly questioned the United Nations system. Western imperialists responded and continue to respond back against Erdogan's accusations. Today, AKP does not trust the EU and the US. AKP is now the bête noire of the West. Imperialists will not hesisate to do whatever it takes to get rid of AKP if they find a better one. Since they cannot find an alternative to AKP, they continue to maintain their relations without neglecting their disagreements with it. For international big powers, Erdogan and AKP government are no longer seen as a reliable and manageable government. In international politics, a strategy has been carried out to isolate AKP. Pro-western medias disseminate articles that reveals the true face of AKP and call for military coups.

On 24th of November 2015, Turkish Air Forces downed a Russian military jet near the Syrian boerder. In the wake of downing the jet, Turco-Russian relations deteriorated fundamentaly. On 27th of June 2016 Turkey formally apoligized from Russia. Business connections between the two countries were once again established. Russian imperialism needed Turkey and Turkey needed Russia. AKP government/Erdogan had to reestablish relations with Russia to protect the interests of Turkish bourgeoisie. Relations with Israel that went broken in May 2010 has recently been repaired. Relations of Turkey with the Chines imperialism are considerably good. In 2015, Turkey imported goods amount to 24 billion dollar.


We are against a military coup. We are against a state of emergency as well as military coup. It is hypocriticle for the bourgeois parties to define the existing system as democratic and to say that democracy won while being against a military coup. This state is a colonialist, fascist state. The army is the protector of this fascist state. AKP has allied with the army in suppressing the Kurdish Liberation Movement. AKP is a party that maintains a plain fascist terror in our countries. We recognize neither a ''conservative democracy'' with a muslim background nor a Kemalist dictatorship. The fight between AKP and Gülen movement is a struggle for power. These are different representatives of the exploitive classes. In reality, there is no significant difference between them. Those who favour a genuine democracy should embrace the revolutionary struggle.

The lives of the oppressed and workers cannot be saved without destroying exploitive fascist Turkish state through a revolution and without establishing a revolutionary democratic goverment of workers and villagers from different nations. Democracy and freedom can only achieved in democratic people's power. Our task is to struggle to achieve this.

No to Military Coup, No to State of Emergency…

23rd of July 2016

Bolshevik Party (North Kurdistan-Turkey)


V.i.S.d.P: K. Inan, 12 Rue de Rome, Boite Postale No: 287 67000 France

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