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Democratic People's Republic of Korea (D.P.R.K.) between War and Peace

by RCP Egypt, 25. August 2017

Dear comrades

 Red revolutionary greetings :-

During the wild attack of petty bourgeoisie of America on D.P.R.K. to end its socialist regime which became a model nowadays, the socialist state has no choice but only defending itself.

During the socialist regime of the Soviet Union the Imperialism had its own media that anti Socialist propaganda to distort its reputation aiming to end it's Socialist regime. The strength of Socialist regime was extending from heart of Moscow to extent of the Earth. Its strength was in resisting Imperialism and helping all communists allover the world aiming to end Imperialism and build their  Socialist regime. After assassination of comrade Stalin by poison and coup against October revolution, the facing between Soviet Union and Imperialism decreased and the cold war began. This leaded to revisionary right thoughts instead of helping comrades around the world to end the regimes by revolution. The thoughts were like &non capitalist development, parliament route & the state of all people instead of dictatorship of working class. The revisionist thoughts had no use but leaded to transformation of class struggle from revolutionary one to parliament way through the rules of Imperialism.

During this stage there was a party at Italy called Communist party of Italy. This party took part at parliament regime which didn't lead to get the authority or reach Socialism but led to being part of Imperial game. This finally made people turn their back to the party.

At France there was an other example, the Communist party of France which was a model of declining and going back against Socialism. It also styled the parliament role and became one of the Imperial system.

The bet was on Egypt, Yugoslavia, India and Algeria to reach Socialism through non-capital development. What happened wasn't Socialism but these countries became balance for Imperialism and anti-communist because of the bad thoughts which appeared at this stage and styled by these regimes. For example Nasser's regime at Egypt was more savagery against communists and assassination and arrests were bulk. Also the regime of Yugoslavia held a massacre against communist party there.

The holding of the rightist revisionist thoughts led to push the rightist line inside Communist Party of Soviet Union itself and it was an evidence that revisionism can't lead to Socialism and Socialism only achieved by tough resistance not by thoughts of peace and liquefaction of class struggle. There is no peace between bourgeoisie and Socialism but only bloody class struggle.

The appearance of Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels at 1848 was like a ghost scared the European bourgeoisie. This ghost became a truth after rising of Soviet Union after triumph of Lenin and his comrades at October great Socialist revolution. With the revisionism of Soviet Union and leaving it's revolutionary way the result was collapse of Soviet Union.

Nowadays we see ghost of Communism at D.P.R.K. which cause terror to U.S.A. fascist petty bourgeoisie regime, as U.S.  will not accept Socialism even if it was at only one state because this means ending of it and all fascist petty bourgeoisie.

Every one portending Communism at Europe from the parties called themselves Communists say that D.P.R.K. threaten the world by nuclear war & threaten the world peace. They work at the field of petty fascist bourgeoisie and helping it at stopping developing of Socialist state.

We at R.C.P.- Egypt published a reports and calls for defending D.P.R.K. and proved that this state keep arming only for defending itself, defending socialism and not for nuclear war. We say to those who portending communism and serve the petty fascist bourgeoisie which has nuclear weapons can destruct the Earth planet tens of times, why you don't face it?! Why you give it the reason to have nuclear weapons for killing people and at the same time you refuse arming of Socialist D.P.R.K.  by nuclear weapons to defend it self ?! Why you have double standards?

* examples of Imperialism crimes:-

  • American civil war :- 4 millions people killed.
  • Spanish civil war :- 2 millions people killed.
  • Indian great starvation 1876:- 12 millions people killed.
  • Opiate war:- 120 millions people addict on opiate.
  • France crimes at Algeria :- 1.5 millions people killed.
  • 1st W.W.:- 10 millions people killed.
  • 2nd W.W.:- 55 millions people killed.
  • Korean war: - 3 millions people killed.
  • Philippines occupation by U.S.: - 1.5 millions people killed.
  • Irish starvation 1845: - 2 millions people killed.
  • The great economic crisis recession 1929-1946: - led to great poverty of american people about 80% of population and starvations at country villages led to killing of 7 millions people. The only state who survived was the Soviet Union because of its different economic regime.
  • Vietnam occupation by U.S.: -  destruction of half of villages at least by burning.
  • Bombing Cambodia :- 40000 people killed.
  • 1st and 2nd Boer war :- 750000 people killed.
  • Greek civil war:- 2 millions people killed.
  • War at Afghanistan :- 1 million people killed.
  • Seize of Iraq and Gulf war :- 3 millions people killed.
  • Occupation of Japan to China :- 1.5 millions people killed.
  • Occupation of Japan to Korea and Mongolia:- 2 millions people killed.
  • Bengal starvation 1943:- 3 millions people killed.
  • Fascist terrorism at Africa :- 250000 people killed.
  • Apartheid and slaves trade  at Africa:- 14 millions people killed.
  • Starvations at Africa 1990-2013 :- 9 millions people starve and 1 million people died.
  • British occupation to the Sudan:- 10000 people killed.
  • Policy of blood diamond at Africa :- 6 millions people killed.

The sum is 176 millions people killed.

 Comrades everywhere we have to ask ourselves :-

Are we really communists and should defend the Socialist regime of D.P.R.K. and all oppressed across the world?! or calling for peace and step back from the revolutionary Socialist thoughts to work within the petty  bourgeoisie fascist rules?!

The answer is that of course every communist has enough knowledge of Marxism Leninism knows that no peace with petty fascist bourgeoisie and Socialism will be achieved only by bloody struggle demolish those fascist regimes.

 We at R.C.P.-Egypt calling all comrades to style the revolutionary thoughts during their struggle to end petty bourgeoisie fascist regimes and we call them to clear their situation from D.P.R.K. , defend it and solidarity with its resistance.

Long live Communist International

Long live Communists struggle.

R.C.P. - Egypt


25 Aug. 2017



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