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Egypt under siege

RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party of Egypt), November 13, 2017


Dear comrades

Red revolutionary greetings :-

What Egyptian people live today from crisi on all levels economic, political,and social is adirect to the policies of the (old-new) autocratic role which is represented by the head of roing authority with its military & security wings.

Those crisis are very clear at:-

1- Loss of socio-political freedom:-

The ruling class with it's major wings who are brokers of the people wealth under the name of (national service organisation &engineering establishement of the armed forces) along with their military and policd organisation. The authority close the democratic feild and dries designedly the political life by fascist,oppressive manners not different from any fascist regeime known along history. It continues to prevent demonstrations from the origin for any cause even if it isn't political.

For example it faces the workers protests demanding social rights by suppression machine and send workers to military court. It oppress protests inside factories by police dogs , central security forces and military police with a fake cover media to cut the way of solidarity between workers and people. For example Mahala city workers, Effco workers, marine arsenal workers and alot of other examples.

The oppression forcesalong with its investigation establishement as national security, general and military investigations charge innocent people, abitary detend them,arrest them from homeand even kill people who are at prisonsand police stations. The authority protend that those people are terorists and have been killed during clashes after theater ordering by the police. This false cinrio has been un masked by our comrades at Sinai. Our comrades along with families of victims proved with no doubt the criminality of the regime. That regime who protend that he fights terrorism moves forcefully the people of Sinai to follow the orders of his masters and to serve the Zionist state after annoncing about the "deal of the century". This deal aim to end the palasinian crisis (with finishing any palastinian rights) and end any hope for palastinians to return back to their land again.In addition to the previous, the authority prevent people from any right to build social and political organisations at any condition. It also prevent journalists, writers and informatives who criticize shylysome politics of the regime.

2- Economic crisis and policies of borrowing :-

The regime aiming to satisfy his american master and his dependent at gulf area made a deal to sell Tiran and Sanafir islands to K.S.A challenging the Egyptian people well. Some of silly power dragged people to judiciary fight forgetting that the judiciary is of ruling class and serve it only. The regime also prevented and oppressed any demonstrations to refuse the deal by people. The regime used his parliment which has been chosen by military investigations to pass the deal and it's not shocking as its the parliment of ruling class.

The regime went to foriegn aids, international and regional loan along with borrowing from I.M.F this leads to excute policies of delibrate impoverishment of the people, privatization of general section even social and service establishement (health, education etc..). All that was a response to IMF conditions which contain ending of the weak social support for gasoline and main goods. All this leads to crazy increase at prices of food, medication and all which can keep Egyptians alive. The regime still promise us with more proceduresby addresses of the president and cabinet. This policies leads to genocide of Egyptians not differs from Fascist Hitler.

The fascist military regime send poor people sons who are at obligatory military service to serve K.S.A and American masters to kill the yemen people and spread diseases. The aggression on Yemen bomb civilians, killing workers at factories with no difference from fascism bombing to U.S.S.R. factories and zionist bombing to Helwan workers, Abu Zaabal factories and Bahr el Baqar school. The regime transfere the Egyotian soldiers to mercenaries at zionist american saudi project.

The regime which protend that he want to build democratic civil state controls by his military and police establishement about 70% of the economy. It makes deals by direct order to his companies and organisations at all projects and fields even services and entertainment section. The regime make under table deals with companies owned by generals retired or still at service. The regime hire his retired generals as excutive responsible e.g. governoraters, cheifs of services comopanis like sewage, water,electericity and general section companies.

3- Enlightement responsibility and proclaiming the regime by fighting terrorism theoriticaly side by side with security fight.

The regieme which markets abroad himself as a terrorist fighter is in reality the 1st sponser of terrorism on theoritical side. He funds by billions from poor people budget the religious establishement mainly AlAzhar which is the main incubator for terrorism. The regime favor Salafis and other islamic groups and set the religiuos leaders of those groups free. All this at uncovered deal to analdize the people and to make them busy by myths away from socio-economic rights. The most tragedic is making deal with Muslim Brotherhood which protending that he fights it challenging the Egyptian people well which down with this group at 30 jun. demonstrations from its awareness.

The regime prevent any criticism religious regressive establishements and send to prisons writers, thinkers by charge of insulting religion "religion contempt" , insulting holly thoughts with no difference from middle age inquistion.

4- our responsibility toward country and people:-

For all what we mentioned and because of our styling Marxism Leninism also our loyality toward great socialist legacy, we have to join people to organize them and to raise their awareness. However what we suffere, what the political state is, however the revolutionary shrinkage. The people of Egypt don't doubt about the corruption and agency of fascist military regieme and its refusal grow more and more.

We didn't and we won't step back at this regieme refusal even with bad conditions of ability shortage, military and police oppression. We refuse the regeime from class and progressive side to reach building of bolshevik party to be the forefront of people for change.

Long live International Communism

Long live communist struggle



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