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The struggle of the Venezuelan people has stopped fascism and expressed that in democratic elections

Resolution of the 3rd World Conference of ICOR, November 2017


Because of the orientation of the policy of US imperialism, the Venezuelan people are in a highly critical situation. US imperialism unilaterally imposes a state of political, economic and media war and has unleashed a gruesome international campaign to overthrow the government of Nicolás Maduro. Its primary interest is to bury a possible resumption of the society-changing offensive by demoralizing the movements and activists that represent a change in Latin America and the world.


With the help of Donald Trump's belligerent policy, the USA, together with its right-wing lackeys and the national parasitic bourgeoisie, have created conditions to stifle the economy by lowering creditworthiness, blocking international bank transactions, and so hampering the purchase of food, medicine, automobile spare parts and supply for the national oil industry, which is one of the main sources of national income.


At the same time it establishes an information ban, in order to prepare the subjective preconditions in the international community for a military intervention. It strengthens paramilitary forces and mercenaries, unleashes a wave of violence and terror under the guise of protests in central issues in important cities of Venezuela. Public institutions are set on fire, the electrical grid is sabotaged, hospitals and schools are attacked, transportation routes are blocked, food and fuel transports are raided. It instigates the lynching of persons connected with the revolutionary tendency and promotes violent conditions, leading to the assassination of young sympathizers of the opposing tendencies, some of whom have been burned to death. In all this, a fascist development becomes apparent.


In this situation the Venezuelan people have been confronting the aggression undeterred and have been able to stop the advance of the fascist rightists. This was also expressed in democratic elections. It is aware that the time gained must be used to defend its achievements and deepen the Bolivarian revolution.


The ICOR declares its solidarity with the Venezuelan people in its anti-fascist struggle for the right to democratically decide on its own destiny. The ICOR decisively rejects any imperialist aggression or interference.


Let us free ourselves from illusions and prepare for the struggle!

We are all Venezuela!

Workers and oppressed of all countries, unite!

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