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Campaign against DAESH

Spanien Marxist-Leninist Party (Communist Reconstruction) (PML(RC)), 01 October 2018

Dear comrades,

It is a pleasure to send you the following release about the trial that will sit our Party in the court next 15th of October, for fighting against DAESH. From this week on, we will start a huge agitation campaign all around the State and the outdoors demonstrations are more day by day.

In this way we thank you any kind of solidarity demonstration you made in the past and we encourage you to participate in the agitation campaign to face the trial that will be released with the following slogans:

Siempre internacionalistas #libertadpml(rc)

- Internationalists forever #pml(rc)freedom

Luchar contra el daesh no es un delito

- Fighting against daesh is not a crime

#comunistascontraeldaesh #libertadpmlrc

Larga vida al batallón por la libertad #orgullointernacionalista27e

- Long lasting to the International Freedom Battalion #orgullointernacionalista27e

¿9 años de carcel por luchar contra el isis? #comunistascontraeldaesh

- ¿9 years in the jail for fighting daesh? #comunistascontraeldaesh

La clase obrera no tiene fronteras #27e siempre internacionalistas

- Working class has not boundaries #27e always internationalist

¡Rober y Martos absolucion #libertadpml(rc)

- Rober and Martos absolution! #libertadpml(rc)

Rober y Martos absolución #27e siempre internacionalistas

- Rober and Martos absolution! #27e always internationalist




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