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Four Decades of Occupation, Oppression and Crime in Afghanistan

MLOA, (Marxist-Leninist Organization of Afghanistan), April 27, 2018
Today's arrival (April 27, 2018) marks the 40th years passed after the day of the Pro-Russian military coup of 1978 by Revisionist PDPA military officers, directed by Russian Social-Imperialist's K.G.B Directives. These last four decades of contemporary history of Afghanistan is  accumulated by  imperialistic  occupation, aggression, war, crime, oppression, imprisonment, torture, massacre execution, bombardment, polygon(slaughter ground), mass graves, emptying Afghan villages from inhabitants, forced displacement, forced migration, rape, stoning and  so on. These heinous, repeated crimes from 40 years ago until today to our country and its oppressed people , are left without any questioning and calculation. These forcible and intentional crimes in forty years have been implemented in Afghanistan by Russian Social-Imperialism, the "PDPA", the Islamic reaction, warlords, descent technocrats, the reactionary governments and circles of the region, and the aggressive imperialists of the United States and NATO.
The April military coup regime of PDPA, the two-time military occupation of the country, the bloody Mujahideen and Taliban Islamic reactionaries rule, the continuation of an aggressive and compelling imperialistic devastating war with all its destructive consequences; were result of the neo-colonial interventions and then the direct military aggression of "Soviet" Social Imperialism with an expansionist - colonial nature,  the competitive moving of the aggressive imperialists of the United States and NATO along with reactionary states of the region, and the recent changes in imperialist relations and the balancing of forces between those states and Military Pacts, on a global scale.
The bloody 7th April 1978 military coup d'état after 20 months resulted in military occupation of our country by Soviet Social Imperialist invading army on December 27 1979. That occupation of Afghanistan turned Afghanistan into the centerpiece of global contradictions, and the contradictions of global imperialism in the midst of the Cold War between the two imperialist blocs have gained unprecedented momentum. It internally prompted the inclusion of a massive resistance with democratic and revolutionary nature against occupation of  the "Polar Bear" into Afghanistan.
The Russian Occupiers  after a decade of occupation, war, killing, destruction, and the crimes and repression of the people and revolutionary and national forces in our country, due to the effect of the epic resistance of the entire people of Afghanistan and the effects of the Western Imperialists contradictions with the Soviet empire, Afghanistan's battlefield has come to fruition, Soviet Invaders admitted their defeat and, in the absence of a Afghan people's national will, paved the way to the Western rivals who and supported the Islamic reaction, and subsequently the pillars of the Soviet empire also collapsed. The defeat of the occupation of Russians in Afghanistan, along with the internal and external factors, led to the collapse and destruction of the Soviet empire.
In addition to the massive repression to our brave people, the Invading Russians and their indigenous revisionist traitors of PDPA weakening  the revolutionary- national forces of our country. In the same time, the mercenaries of the Muslim Brotherhood, from the very beginning of resistance war, with an overwhelmingly reactionary nature, supported morally and  materially by Western Imperialists, regional reactionary States and Chinese traitors; further repressed the Afghan revolutionary, progressive and national forces nationwide. As a result,  the Afghan National Resistance War against Russian Invaders and their lackeys has been diverted and deprived half way from its democratic and revolutionary content,  and was knotted with the objectives of one side of "The Cold War".
The end result of invaders' defeat was the victory of the Islamists mercenaries and their masters on April 28 1992. This  victory put our country in the semi-colonial position and began with the war of power, terror, destruction, massacre, bloodshed, frequent extermination and dozens of other crimes. This anarchy and vacuum of central power along with  the contradiction of the interest of external players at the time the vacuum created in the region after the "Soviet Union" and its satellite states collapse on the brink of an all-out Western invasion to the east, led to the formation of other mercenary group by Western Imperialists and Arab and non- Arab reactionary and expansionist States, called the Taliban  Movement and regime in Kabul. The Taliban, the hired servants  are famous for cruelty, crime, oppression, destruction, hostility to the manifestations of culture and knowledge, women; proved  not to be less than the criminals of their Mujahideen Islamic brothers in their conduct to Afghan people and our country's national interest.
On the above-mentioned regional grounds and objectives, the aggressive imperialist States of America and NATO, following the terrorist incident of September 11, 2001, invaded and occupied our country overthrowing their direct creature - the Taliban horrifying and terror government- on October 7 of that year. The invaders subsequently formed a colonial government from the militant Islamist groups, the remnants of renegade PDPA, the warlords, the local drug mafia and returned technocrats from the west.
As a result, it has been seventeen years since our beloved Afghanistan became a colonial state under the direct colonial  control of the cruel, blood sucking  and occupying American- NATO Imperialists. During this time, the policies and actions of the occupying imperialists and their puppet regime(Colonial - Administrative) of Kabul, has been politically and functionally colonial, oppressive, aggressive,  plundering  and destructive. It has been an aggressive war for several regional economic, political and military objectives.
The current turbulent, complex, unstable, confusing and uneasy situation of this colonial country, is the result of ongoing military occupation; the result of recent sharpening of imperialist contradiction between Washington based American -NATO Pact and Moscow based Chino-Russia Bloc with their allied reactionary regional states competing in war-torn Afghanistan.  Currently, the invasive direct and indirect(proxy) rivalry of the US- lid occupying imperialists against imperialist and reactionary rivals in our country is going on. Afghanistan and the  Afghans are the losers of this criminal, reactionary and unjust war.
The current colonial State of Afghanistan is one of the consequences of the Russian aggression and the manifestations of its apparent hostility and its indigenous mercenary PDPA with the Afghan national, democratic and revolutionary forces, the strike of these forces and strengthening of reactionary Islamic militants and militancy by Russian invaders in Afghanistan. The reactionary and mercenary forces of Islamist militants have survived in the absence of progressive national forces from the scene, strengthened with the help of Russians as well as the support of their Western Imperialist masters. While at the same time serving the Western invading colonialists, The Islamists restored  the feudal reactionary values in political, economic, cultural and social spheres in our country.
In spite of four decade-long war and destruction, there is yet no end to this occupational and unjust war,  oppression and crime in colonial Afghanistan. In this tense, tumultuous and critical situation of our occupied and destructed country, the suffering and misery of its oppressed people is untold and beyond reach.
Emancipation of the people and the country from the many-folded domination and oppression  by imperialism and  reaction, will only be materialized by convergence, coherence and mass mobilization to get their destiny to their own hands. The preparation and implementation of the forms and means of mass mobilization and popular struggle at the possible levels and developing it towards the final victory over occupying imperialism and its indigenous reaction; is a major mission of revolutionary vanguard of proletariat and oppressed masses, in convergence with national and  democratic forces of our country, supported internationally by revolutionary, anti-imperialist and democratic forces and oppressed masses of the world.
Death to Imperialism and Reaction!
Long Live people's unity against Imperialism and Reaction!
Marxist-Leninist Organization of Afghanistan (MLOA)

April 27, 2018

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