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Scandalous verdict against activists of the mass movement in 2016/17 in Morocco

ICOR – Main Coordinator, to all member organizations for information, 07/06/2018


On 27 June the court in Casablanca passed a draconian sentence of up to 20 years in prison against 53 accused activists of the Hirak-Rif-mass movement in Morocco in 2016/17. The alleged crime of these persons was to have been active in the largest mass movement in Morocco since the struggles for freedom and democracy in 2011. Among other things they demanded hospitals and libraries, the release of political prisoners, the demilitarization of the Rif region. Despite brutal repression by the state apparatus these protests were supported throughout the country and took on the character of people's uprisings. Not least because the struggle also addressed the widespread poverty. The indictment called this “attack of the internal security of the state”. Immediately after the pronouncement of judgment there was indictment and there were protests against this scandalous verdict throughout the country. Now a solidarity committee organizes protests for the release of the convicts. In protest against the verdicts left parties, trade unions and human rights organizations call for a nationwide march in Casablanca on 8 July.

With the severe sentences those in power react to the class struggles of the working class and the struggles of those oppressed. We can see this development to the right worldwide: in verdicts of Turkish and Kurdish revolutionaries, of revolutionaries in Iran, Germany etc. In view of a worldwide development to the right in many states the construction of an antiimperialist, antifascist united front becomes all the more urgent.

With their reactionary oppression and protofascist measures the ruling classes are desperately defending themselves against their downfall. They will not be able to prevent that, because the working classes and the other people's masses will only fight for their liberation with more determination.


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