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Statement Of MLKP Kurdistan For Comrade Şevin Söğüt

MLKP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party Turkey/Kurdistan), 18 September 2018


Hereby we publish a statement of our Kurdistan organization for our immortal comrade Şevin Söğüt. She has been one of the vanguard fighters of our party in the defense of the soil of Kurdistan against the colonial yoke. As a young commander she was part of the units that fights against the occupation war of the fascist Turkish state in Southern Kurdistan.


Glory to Those Who Uprise the Resistance Flag in Zap!

Şevin Söğüt is Immortal!


The occupation attacks of the colonialist, fascist Turkish state in South Kurdistan and the heroic resistances rising from the guerrilla fronts continue. As it fails to pass the resistance despite all out bombardments of the war planes and heavy weapons over the mountains, the fascist Tayyip Erdoğan administration now desperately bombs the civilian settlements, burns the forests. However, despite its high technological weapons and air-strikes running almost everyday, it can not manage to escape from getting heavy blows from the guerrillas. It has been months that the fascist Turkish army and its special forces are failing to break the barricades of the resistance in the areas that they are attacking with all their means. The guerrillas continue to uprise the flag of freedom and honor by giving a self-sacrificing resistance in this war.


A resistance line that extends from Suruç to the Zap

One of the areas of this ongoing revolutionary war is the Zap area. The occupying army has been trying to move forward in this area for months, but it fails to succeed. It has suffered heavy blows from the guerrillas at each stage of the fight, and as it gets more casualties, it holds on more to the high technology and air strikes.

In an effective guerrilla attack on August 17, which was directed against the occupying Turkish army’s coordinate hill in the Zap area, the fascist army had suffered many casualties, after which it ran for the artillery shooting in panic and air bombardments following after. In this bombardment, one of our fighter fell martyr.

Our comrade Sarin Awaz (Şevin Söğüt), who had been in the front trenches against the occupation, is immortalized by the howitzer and air-strike bombardments to the area where she was taking up a position together with the YJA Star guerrillas. We extend our condolences to her patriotic family in particular and all her relatives and friends together with our wishes for holding their head high! Because şehid Sarin is the creator of an action which brings honor and power to her comrades, family and all relatives. She is a determined vanguard of our women liberation struggle and our revolution.


Against the occupation attempts of the colonialist Turkish state over South Kurdistan, a group of our guerrillas under the leadership of comrade Sarin, who was a member of the MLKP / KKÖ (Communist Women's Organization) and a commander of the MLKP/FESK Kurdistan Rural Guerrilla Units, have taken their place in the trenches of resistance and played a vanguard role in the defense of hope and freedom against colonialism.

In her speech while she was on the way to the war front, our comrade Sarin said: We will not allow colonialism to step on this ground (...) We will resist the occupation attack of the colonialist Turkish army, just as we did in Kobanê and Afrin. Following the perspective to defend each trenches that our party exists, we will defend every inch of our free areas.”


They remained true to their words. Together with the comrades in arms, they fought with great determination against the occupation and its bloody, fascist army. Their surviving comrades now continue fighting with the same faith and loyalty.

Facing with the fascist Tyranny in Childhood

Our comrade Şevin Söğüt, who was born in Amed/Lice, on June 20, 1992, grew up in a patriotic family. When she was just three years old, her father Ömer Söğüt was taken into custody by the colonialist state and became disappeared by them after. The family had been subjected to heavy oppressions. Comrade Şevin met our party in 2012; after carrying out youth activities in Black Sea region and Kurdistan, she headed towards the free areas where she got basic military and ideological training. She improved herself in all respects. With her party name Sarin Awaz, she had been carrying out duties as a guerrilla in the free areas since April 2016. She had been in the defense of Rojava for a while, participated in the operation of liberating Raqqa. Then she headed towards the mountains as a rural guerrilla. She was a specialist sniper and the woman commander of our unit, while moving to the war trenches.


"I set out as a soldier of our youth, on my way coming here. I came here to fulfill the dreams of our comrades murdered in the Suruç massacre, to grow the path that they opened for us. Today I continue following my word as a MLKP/FESK guerrilla, as a creator of our party’s action of growing the fighting areas. Following the footsteps of the fallen martyrs who paved our way there, I will try to reach a new level as a successor of their dreams and actions," said our comrade Sarin, who was exposing her distinctive feature with these words, that is, her loyalty to the martyrs.

Her greatest desire was to fulfill Şehid Roza’s march towards Dersim which remained uncompleted. And these words of her was the sign of her determination: "I am aware that Roza is by my side with every step I take. As I get close to Dersim, Roza will get close to the mountains of Dersim which she had dreamed of. My path will fulfill her path and her dream".


Higher Quality, Stronger Fight

Shining with courageous, laboring, productive features as well as having a high gender consciousness and initiative, our comrade Sarin is the loadstar of all the oppressed, and women in particular. While she was heading towards the war fronts, she left a clear call behind: “The period we pass through demands from us a higher quality and stronger fight. I strongly believe that, my party will continue to grow with its martyrs everywhere; on the mountains, cities, rural areas… To be a subject of this, makes me infinitely happy. I am sure that my voice will come out lauder on my path with my name “song of the highlander girl”, which I added the name “song of hope”.


These words of her will be held in our hands like a torch illuminating our path, and we will never stop singing the “song of hope” that the highlander girl has raised.


Şehid Namirin!

Şevin Söğüt Is Immortal!


Glory to those who Fight for Honor and Freedom!

Down with the Colonialist Fascist Occupying Dictatorship!






The registry information of our martyr:


Party name: Sarin Awaz

Name and Surname: Şevin Söğüt

Mother’s name: Meyase

Father’s name: Ömer

Place and date of birth: Amed/ 20th of July 1992
Date of joining party: April 2016

Date of Martyrdom: 17th of August 2016 - Zap



A New Step In Rojava: The Sehid Aliser Deniz Brigade (FOC)


Every long march starts with a single step”

This was the idea that led MLKP to immediately move its forces to Rojava right after the revolution erupted on the 19th of July, 2012. Even though that single step was quite modest in terms of the quantity of its forces at that time, it was a strong practical expression of MLKP’s revolutionary claim, a claim that raise from the understanding to be a communist party of both Turkey and Kurdistan. Beginning from its foundation in 1994, MLKP has been defending and struggling for the liberation of Kurdistan which has been divided into four parts under the yoke of colonization of the Turkish, Iranian, Syrian and Iraqi states. And now with the Rojava revolution, which had broken the oppressive shackle of the Syrian regime, Kurdish people have been waging a great move in terms of their self determination. But, of course, the revolution was much more than this. By immediately involving the construction of an equal social system that embraces the rights of all peoples from different nationalities and beliefs, the Rojava revolution has been posing a great importance not only for Kurdistan but also for the working class and the oppressed of the whole region on the path of liberation from the bourgeois despotic regimes. In accordance with its regional revolution perspective, which has been emphasized on its 3rd Congress and put into practice in its 4th Congress as a revolutionary duty to grow, MLKP considered Rojava as an historical move in terms of being a revolutionary base that would grow and spread the fire of the revolution over the whole region.

However, for a communist party of Turkey and Kurdistan, the fulfillment of the meaning and the potentiality of this historical move was not a matter of a sole support from outside, but a revolutionary duty to be actually placed right inside the revolutionary process as an actual subject with its communist identity. Therefore, MLKP’s long march started with that single step and throughout this last six years, its further steps have always followed towards embodying this claim; both in the military and the political-social part of the struggle to defend and progress the revolution. From Serekaniye to Kobanê, to Raqqa and Afrin, communist fighters of MLKP fought in all fronts of the war against the politic-islamic gangs like Al Nusra and ISIS as well as against the colonialist attacks of the Turkish state. Tens of martyrs have given for this honor defending the revolution. Along with its military existence, the communists have also mobilized for the revolution’s social organization to strengthen the ideological consciousness of the peoples of Rojava. As the MLKP has taken part in the diversity of the revolutionary process as an actual subject in a developing path, it learned from the revolution and grew more and more from its roots; every step has brought the next opportunity and duty for taking new revolutionary steps.

Announced its foundation on the 20th of July, the Şehid Alişer Deniz Brigade is the recent concrete step of the MLKP in the context of defending and developing the revolution. The name of the brigade comes from the MLKP/FESK (the Armed Forces of the Poor and Oppressed) Rural Guerrilla Units Commander Alişer Deniz who fell martyr in Nurhak last year fighting against the fascist Turkish army. Since the first years of the Rojava revolution, comrade Martyr Alişer Deniz fought at the Serekaniye front, carried out logistic duties like transferring fighters during the Kobanê resistance period. Comrade Alişer, was a great commander who implemented the militarily and politically institutionalization of the MLKP in Rojava and who trained many fighters in the first place.

Now, his name and legacy is living in the memories of fighters in Rojava and in this new brigade. Şehit Alişer Deniz Brigade constitutes of a couple of battalions, it has over 200 fighters in total. Its military and ideological commanding is in the hands of communist commanders of MLKP. The fighters in the brigade are local people, most of which are Arabs. In the brigade, apart from the military training, they get also ideological and theoretical trainings. The range of topics covers the meaning of Rojava revolution and its history, the programme of MLKP, the party’s history, its statute, its organizational system, its positioning in Rojava, its communist quality in the revolution and so on. The fighters trained in this brigade takes part with a communist mentality in the long run in the general YPG system which means at war fronts, it is positioned by the YPG commandment and is responsible to defend its area.

The Alişer Deniz Brigade is now one of the main elements of the local work of our party. Other than its importance in the raising of new fighters for the revolution, it also provides opportunity to develop relations with the families of the fighters. Through this channel, now the party even more increases its political and organizational work in the region. Thus, it doesn’t only maintain military support for the defense of revolution, it, at the same time, holds a great significance in keeping the gainings of the revolution permanently, in evolving its course towards the path of socialism.

This step, again is a modest step for the communists, but it prepares them for greater clashes, fills them with spirit of greater sacrifices, gives them excitement for a socialist future. Every minor step of MLKP created qualitative leaps in its history, the party managed to turn this small accumulations into bigger ones. The Şehid Alişer Deniz Brigade now holds an integrating position regarding the collective development of the revolution as militarily and ideologically. Let us not forget, the future of the revolution depends on the organization level of the people and socialization of the revolution. Considering the recent political developments encircling the region, organizing this task is crucial and essential.



The Resistance Flames Surround Turkey

Kurdistan forests are burning. The lungs of lands of North Kurdistan and Turkey have been devastated discontinuously now for more than three months. Forest fires especially in Dersim but also in the cities of Mardin, Hakkari, Şırnak, Diyarbakır and Bingöl have been affecting the villages close to these forests. The fires start at the regions bombed by the war planes of the colonialist fascist Turkish state and quickly spread surrounding regions. There is a big silence in the bourgeois media which intentionally skips the news about the fires. The Turkish army doesn’t allow people to intervene in the fires due to the operations against the guerrillas. Citizens trying to put out the fires have been blocked by the police and soldiers. HDP parliamentarians, who have been trying to reach the region to see the situation in the first hand, to share the material facts with the people and to correct the misinformation if there is any, were also blocked crossing to the fire zones. Volunteer teams formed by the people living in those villages are unfortunately not enough to stop the fires.

This situation is actually not something new. Turkish bourgeois state has been using the method of burning the forests as a war policy. It is typical signs of the colonialist mentality that makes the state bomb the lands in its own territory, embark on destroying everything whether alive or not, follow so uncontrollably such a barbaric aggressive policy. Since August, thousands of km2 of land and forest have burnt down. Houses, animals, sacred places, cemeteries, natures, historical values and collective memories of people living in the region and most of whom are Kurdish and Alevite have been damaged, partly destroyed. The fascist state thought that intensification of the oppression policies against the people who are integrated their lives with this geography could be a solution to suppress the guerrilla resistance by cutting their veins of life, the bonding of them with the people. Yet it has no success, how can such a mentality claim to own these lands as the resistance holds on after all these?

Turkish bourgeois state was founded on a monist ideology, meaning that it has one race, one religion, one gender. It imposed the monist Turkish, Sunni and male dominant identity policies to open the path for the bourgeois capitalist class and to develop capitalism over these primary accumulation. The land of Dersim is especially not strange to these policies. The massacres against the upheavals of Kurdish and Alevite people throughout the 1930’s had reached to a level of genocide in 1938 and everything was exterminated, even the people and animals living in the caves. The leaders of the upheavals were executed. The “Dersim law” applied in that period continues de-facto today.

Again, the extermination policies were intensified in the ‘90’s after the upsurge of Kurdish national liberation movement. A simple example to the mentality of the state about how it approach this issue can be the opt-out of the Turkish state in the UN European Economic Commission in 1998. The Turkish board didn’t sign the long-studied environmental agreement in that meeting because of the objection from the General Staff Presidency of the Turkish army. Due to the agreement article about sharing information about the operations, the issue and the fact that the army was burning the forests could be more visible in the public opinion. They wouldn’t allow it and they didn’t. Throughout the ‘90’s, forced evacuation of the villages and burning the forests are strategic tools for Turkish army, but it didn’t end the resistance of Kurdish people, on contrary it developed. Peoples didn’t kneel down these policies, didn’t surrender. Carrying on this traditional colonialist mission today, the fascist dictatorship of Erdoğan’s attempts to keep the lands of Dersim in a continuous besiege and fire, stand much more than only breaking the will of the many guerrilla forces fighting on the mountains of Dersim for freedom and socialism under the umbrella of the united revolution struggle of Turkey and Kurdistan. The violent suppression of the democracy and equality demands of the peoples has both political and ecological consequences. Another reason to burn the forests is to open land for mining and construction activities. War and rentier politics is in arm in arm. In most cases, the burnt lands are given to the tourism or mining companies. The crime here is against humanity, it is against the nature, not only against the guerrilla or the people of Dersim. The security reasoning is a cheap excuse for colonialist mentality and a constant escape path to continue its massacres.

The decimation of living beings is a genocidal dememorization policy of purging Kurdistan from the Kurdish and Alevite identity. Kurdish question is a vital issue for the Turkish bourgeois state, it is an existential question and top priority for the sake of continuation of the State. And this priority now coincides once again with the recent economic crisis. Fascist chief Erdoğan aims at putting the blame on the “foreign forces”, “traitors”, “terrorists” by using the bitter dark nationalism to divide the working class in the recent economical developments. As the guerrilla managed to hold on, he tended to blockade the whole cities, as the resistance don’t vanish, he embarked on the destruction of the whole geography. Even though it has been a summer period in which revolutionaries fell martyr most in the recent years, starting from the Kurdish national liberation movement, the revolutionary forces waged effective actions. Martyrs from HBDH, PKK, MKP, DKP-BÖG, TKP-ML and our party MLKP watered the lands with their blood in this summer period. Martyrs show the dimensions of sacrifice, determination and uphold the will of human power against the technical superiority. Revolutionaries who promised freedom to their peoples did not step back from their fight to set the flames of struggle on fascism, to spread it over.

Organizing a mass movement of peoples of Turkey against Erdoğan who openly declares that they will arrest the candidates of HDP in the upcoming local elections, uniting and synchronizing this movement with the guerrilla resistance is an urgent task ahead of revolutionaries. As shaken its foundations, the fascist dictatorship becomes aggressive, it rolls down in a deeper crisis. The political crisis of the state, which coincides the existential crisis of capitalism, hint itself at the recent economic crisis heavily. Since this economical crisis is a structural one, the policies to overcome the economical crisis, on the other hand, is not economical, but more of ideological. Chauvinist aggression policies are part of it. However, the State loses its ideological hegemony compared to the past. Despite all the massacres, brutal police-soldier attacks, attempts to break down the guerrilla, the peoples resistance do not quench. It cannot overcome this multi-sided crisis by burning the forests and the nature. Because communists and revolutionaries from Turkey and Kurdistan continue fighting for freedom and honor of peoples and for the the victory of socialism in the forefront.

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