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Statement of solidarity with the DAESH campaign

ICOR European Continental Committee, 11 October 2018





Dear comrades,

the ECC explains itself with your anti-fascist fight against DAESH and against its criminalization by the capitalist Spanish state fully in solidarity.

It is not to be accepted that the internationalists who are supporting the Kurdish struggle for liberation against fascistic DAESH vigorously are pulled into court.

ICOR Europa stands like the ICOR worldwide for the inviolable solidarity with the Kurdish liberation struggle and its inclusion in the worldwide struggle for freedom, peace and socialism.

We admit no criminalization of the fight for liberation and the solidarity with it! So our solidarity is valid for your fight against the criminalization and making the PML (RC) illegal.

We wish you a big effect and strong solidarity for your campaign on the occasion of the process beginning on the 15th of October.

Please report on the homepage ICOR about your activities!

We demand with you:

Acquittal for all accused comrades immediate setting of all court procedures!


The coordinators of ICOR Europe

Jeroen Toussaint and Joachim Griesbaum

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