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Climate strike and climate march in France:

France/Paris, 22 September 2019


Enthusiasm, protest, courage and serious discussions – comrades of UPML report:

In Paris more than 5000 students took part at the environmental day of action and 25 000 mostly young people demonstrated on the following day ”For social and climate justice“. In all of France there were 150 000 demonstrators.




Positive atmosphere, music as well as many imaginative posters and costumes were characteristic for the student demonstration. Outdoor workshops that took place afterwards were marked by great earnestness.

Many and sometimes heated discussions also took place around the book stand of the UPML (Union Prolétarienne Marxiste-Leniniste) with an open microphone on Saturday, 21 September. A number of demonstrations took place on this day against the new attacks upon pensions, the climate march and – not least – the 45th demonstration of the yellow vests!

For days media had warned of riots and attempted to intimidate – entirely in the spirit of Macron. Thousands of police had been mobilized and the right to demonstrate was actually further curtailed. Whoever wore a yellow vest was hardly able to pass the controls. Provocations and tear gas in a number of city districts. The climate march was also dispersed after about an hour and groups of demonstrators went through the city everywhere, found together hours later and continued to demonstrate.

Fortunately, many yellow vests joined the climate march after their „Acte 45“. Their slogan: ”Fin du monde, fin du mois – même combat“ (“End of the world or end of the month – one and the same struggle“). They so condemn the Macron government as well as profit economy. Anti-capitalist positions were strongly represented at the climate march. Our leaflet met with great interest. People informed themselves about the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations (ICOR) and the UPML and listened at the open microphone.

The drama of the situation is becoming clearer and clearer to many environmentally moved people: we are at a crossroads. A number of people also feel the weaknesses of the environmental movement - despite its swelling. The UPML oriented towards a political and radical environmental movement: We must know our opponent, capitalism, very well in order to overthrow it and change society from the roots in a revolutionary way. The advertisement for the book "Katastrophenalarm" ("Catastrophe Alert") and the invitation to our discussion were the focus of attention.

The increasing search for a social alternative was palpable! The environmental movement needs a positive alternative to capitalism - and must understand it scientifically. There was quite often agreement to our goal of a socialist society, but also some confrontation with anarchist and Trotskyist positions, regarding historical experiences, successes and mistakes. That was quite a challenge and gave enough material to prepare our discussion forum thoroughly: we need perspective and at the same time proposals for today in view of the threatening dangers - with the construction of the Marxist-Leninist party in the center.

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