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ICOR Call for a World Resistance Day - International Kobanê Day on 2 November 2019 - Solidarity with Rojava – Defend the Democratic Revolution in Northeast Syria

ICOR Main Coordinator, 26.10.2019


For the fifth time the ICOR is calling up to Worldwide Kobanê Day; this year it is called World Resistance Day. In this spirit the ICOR calls upon all member organizations, Friends of the ICOR and all peace-loving people and militant organizations of the world: make 2 November 2019 a global resistance day against the Turkish attack! Organize demonstrations, actions in front of the embassies of the participating imperialists; mobilize and agitate among the masses.

In 2014, still in the midst of fierce struggles against the fascist ISIS and the nearing victory of the united liberation fighters in Kobanê, the first worldwide Kobanê Day took place. In January 2015 the city was liberated, and it was rebuilt in accordance with the goals of the “Democratic Federation of Northern and Eastern Syria”. With impressive international solidarity, including the ICOR health-care center which was built by brigades within nine months. With democratic self-administration, the equality of women and men, ecological principles for the protection of nature, Rojava stands for the perspective of a liberated society.

Today, in 2019, an effective and courageous resistance is being waged in Rojava against the invasion by Turkey, which works closely together with the ISIS and Jihadists, in defiance of international law. Since 9 October, the barbaric Turkish regime is attacking the fighters and civilians with terror, bomb attacks and even employing the banned phosphorus bombs. Under the leadership of the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) the Arabic-Kurdish population and all other ethnic groups living there are defending their territory. They inflicted defeats on the Turkish army on the ground and, in connection with worldwide solidarity, attained  a ceasefire which is, however, constantly being broken. The agreements between Russia and Turkey (Sochi Agreement) and between Turkey and the USA signify a betrayal of the interests of the Kurdish people as well as of the other ethnic groups living in the region. The SDF as the legitimate representative of the people living in Northern Syria was not even asked or taken to the negotiating table. An imperialist “peace dictate” was negotiated among the ruling powers. This deal with Erdogan largely fulfilled his war goals.

Mazlum Abdi Kobanê, General Commander of the SDF, unmistakably declared that they naturally strongly welcome the ceasefire, but that the majority of the items of the Sochi Agreement are not in the interest of the population and also not recognized by the SDF.

Abdi Kobanê gives his thanks for the remarkable international solidarity: “My thanks to all who, in the entire world, have become the voice of our people against the Turkish occupation.” He added a warning: “The people in the squares and streets, the friends who support us … all must be vigilant and continue their work.”

All foreign troops out of Northeast Syria – immediately!

No to every imperialist negotiation dictate! 

Solidarity with the democratic revolution in Rojava!

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