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Against the dangers of war, against Trump and US imperialism

UPML France, February 10, 2020


A renewal of mobilization against war.
In many cities rallies were held in Angers, Nantes, Lyon, Paris,... In Paris a rally was held at the initiative of the Movement for Peace and Collective No War nor State of War. A new consciousness: debates, meetings, gatherings.

The Collective (of which the Proletarian Union is a member) denounced:
« The US aggression and reaffirmed support the popular movements and the self-determination of peoples. The assassination of General Soleimani is an act of war after months of American provocation.  The announcement of the deployment of 3,000 additional US soldiers in the Gulf indicate that the USA is ready to put even more fire and blood in the region... The France of Macron affirms its «full solidarity with our allies ... thus aligns itself with the US militarists, while pretending to be attached “to ease tensions”.”

During the rally the Proletarian Union circulated the ICOR Resolution, it was well received and it raised discussions. Among other things, there have been debates about the nature of the Iranian regime: an oppressed country or an oppressive country? We reaffirmed that the Islamic Republic of Iran was a capitalist dictatorship oppressing its people by violence. And in the current context competing with its expansion in Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, ... with other small and big imperialists for the control of the Middle East. Under no circumstances can anti-imperialists support the Iranian fascist regime under the present conditions.

More than ever, let us build the Anti-imperialist and Antifascist Front to develop an active resistance on a global scale


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