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Corona is a virus, capitalism is a deadly epidemic! Get prepared for the struggle!

Yasanacak Dunya, 04/22/2020

Corona is a virus, capitalism is a deadly epidemic! Get prepared for the struggle!

On 1st of May cry out the Internatinale, cry out Ciao Bella on the streets, on the balconies, everywhere.


1st of May is the symbol of the struggle which workers and labourers develop with unity and solidarity.


1st of May itself is the accumulation of the historical and international struggle of the international proletariat and labourers.


Today is the very day in which we should for our own future expand the struggle with a solid solidarity.


The coronavirus pandemic which is threatening the whole world has unmasked capitalism. It revealed the incapability of capitalism which is only chasing money and profit.


From the first day of the pandemic, bourgeois states and governments exhibited a terrifying carelessness. Just like Chine, in the US and in other countries, scientists, doctors and health care providers who kept on warning were forced by the states to be silent. Societies were not warned in advance about the danger behind. On the contrary, the cases detected were consciously hidden.


Privatisation of the health system under imperialist-capitalist countries including USA led to devastating conclusions which eased the spread of the virus. Let alone us, even the health care providers could not reach protective masks,

gloves and clothing for weeks. Everyone was left defenceless in front of the virus.


There was a delay in the production of effective test kits because even public health is transferred to a tool for profit. Despite the level science has reached, a vaccine is not produced yet.


Prices of basic necessities reached peak. The hideous, anti-human face of capitalism which doesn't see anything except profit, confronted us in this matter as blackmarket, stockpiling and individualism.


Those who have money look for ways of protecting themselves from moving to places the epidemi does not exist to reaching the most advanced medical diagnosis and treatment. The labourers who have to work to feed themselves and his families by working tooth and nail are left to face their fate.


Because they are forced to work in an intensive tempo and under unhealthy and inhuman conditions workers get week and may easily be infected. Coronavirus has presented the sordidness of capitalism in every way.


This virus infected people not because humans ate bats but because humans damaged their nests. Nature which is exploited, burned and destroyed has its own way of defending itself. Just like humans having cold sore on their lips when they are under tough physical and moral conditions or under stress,

bats spread viruses under stress and say "leave us alone".


Capitalism which relays on naked money, commodity and profit, not only changed the climate and the nature of the earth but also considered it as a source of money and wealth subject to exploitation. Surely this has consequences. It is not just that trees blossomed in the middle of winter; many type of bacteria and viruses mobilised as well!


That's why Covid-19 is not the first and will not be the last. Humanity will keep facing these threats as long as capitalism remains on the stage of history and until workers and labourers who are left to face their fate during the pandemi take their future in their own hands!


On the other hand, bourgeoisie and state, under the title "quarantine precautions", are trying to take away the economic and social rights of the working class. As the rich count their money and we count our dead people, governments plan to "revive the economy".


Days will come when we will fill streets with our rage and call out for all the institutions of state and of capitalism.


Let's show our first major reaction on 1st of May. Let us hang our banners and placards on the streets, on the balconies, wherever we are.


Let's cry out the Internationale with the voice of millions!

Long live the 1st of May!

Raise the struggle not only against corona but against capitalism as well!

The virus is capitalism, the cure is socialism!


Yaşanacak Dünya

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