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International Bulletin

MLKP, 20 December 2019


Dear comrades,

we send you the current issue of our international bulletin.
In this issue, we share notes about the Serêkaniye resistance, written by today's resistance fighters for tomorrow's fighters.
In addition, we publish the defense speech of our comrade Süleyman Göksel Yerdut in a slightly shortened version, who was one of the communists in the struggle for self-government in northern Kurdistan.
There is also an action report by the Commando Baran Serhat (as of December 15) in this issue.

A successful action by the Commando Baran Serhat in memory of Comrade Sarya:

In the video the following is said:
"Today is December 12, 2019. We are on the Tell Temir front. As the Baran Serhat detachment we are preparing to destroy a position in front of us, which the gangs use as an headquarter. As the students of martyr Sarya, we commemorate our comrade with this action. Her memory will enlighten our struggle. We resisted here in Tell Temir, in Serekaniye. We are resisting against the invading Turkish state and its gangs. We will continue the war, that shall be known. We will fight until the end, as comrade Sarya said, we are ready to die for it."


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