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Long live ICOR as a practical proletarian organization, working for political and ideological unification

Moroccan Marxist-Leninist Proletarian Line (Ligne prolétarienne marxiste-léniniste marocaine) MMLPL, 2 October 2020


Dear Comrade Monika Gartner, The Principal Coordinator of ICOR

Dear men and women Members of ICOR in the five continents

Revolutionary greeting

Today we are on the tenth anniversary of the founding of our proletarian organization ICOR, On October 6, 2010, the will of the international proletarian vanguard, composed of revolutionary organizations and parties, coming to Germany from different continents, has brought together for the sake of international proletarian coordination, in search of ideological and political unity within the framework of a single practical organization, thus was the birth of the ICOR, "International Coordination of Revolutionary Organizations and Parties" .

The founding of the ICOR took place against the backdrop of the economic, financial and social repercussions of the global capitalist crisis of 2008, resulting from the exacerbation of overproduction and the deep deterioration of capitalist profit rates. A deterioration that periodically deepens. The management of this deep crisis has been led by more significant offensive measures on the living conditions of the world proletarian by extorting more and more surplus value to maximize capital profits.

The proletarians remember the suffering and the impoverishment of the masses and the consequences of capitalist crisis management policies. The most genocidal of these measures were the First and Second World Wars. The conduct of fascism to power has been one of the marginal options for dealing with the deep contradiction in capitalism. Since the Second World War, crisis management has been done through excessive armament, indebtedness to encourage demand, as well as the provocation of regional wars to destroy the maximum of overproduction of capital to revalue the value of 'exchange.

The proletariat also remembers the hopes aroused by the Bolshevik revolution of October 1917, the Chinese revolution in 1949, as well as in many countries under colonization. These revolutions temporarily emancipated the working masses from the yoke of imperialist domination and which allowed partial political independence, as well as creating new paths of autonomous socialist development. The proletariat is resolutely convinced today of the impossibility of living with dignity under the capitalist mode of production which alienates and devours its generic being.

The world proletariat has also drawn many lessons from its own defeats in the face of the imperialist counterrevolution which has deployed all its economic, military and ideological power. The counter revolution succeeded, therefore, in restoring capitalism in Russia, China and the former socialist countries. It has also succeeded in imposing new bonds of dependence and relations of domination on all countries of the world.

The growing proletarian awareness of these different lived realities prompted its world vanguard, affiliated with revolutionary organizations and parties belonging to different countries of the world, to succeed, after many meetings, in founding the ICOR on October 6. 2010. The number of members has continued to grow since then and now reaches 60 members.

Since October 2010, the ICOR has actively contributed to various actions to disseminate the consciousness of the proletarian socialist class. The international coordination of the ICOR, has actively followed and analysed all political and economic events on a global and regional scale which have taken place over the past ten years. Democratic analyses and debates have helped to unify the vision of member organizations. International coordination has accompanied, in real time, the uprisings of the Arab Spring in the Maghreb and in the Arab countries, as well as in various class struggle confrontations in different regions of the world. Thus, ICOR supported the struggles of miners and workers in the automobile industry, devoted significant time to the formation of a coalition of resistance against the systematic destruction of the unity of man and of nature, as well as the promotion of the struggles of women workers and peasants in different countries of the world.

The organizational functions of ICOR have undergone a management development evolution from the global to the regional level. As a result of this management, ICOR has been able to keep continually and substantially abreast of major political developments in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, and today in Australia. Consequently, ICOR has been able to create an international, regional, continental and local organizational dialectical interaction.

The memory of ICOR today brings together a set of historic struggle actions in South Africa, Bolivia, Asia, Russia, Rojava, France, and Germany. ICOR has actively contributed to global gatherings of women, youth, peasants, miners, auto workers and other sectors. This collective work has deepened the bonds of cohesion and camaraderie of the activists of revolutionary organizations and parties. Despite the variation in the internal situation of ICOR members and despite state repression in several southern countries, the ICOR has been able to forge links of cooperation and support for the proletarian struggles of organizations in these countries. ICOR has marked its presence in important historical dates such as the commemoration of the centenary of the October Revolution of 1917. Thus, in November 2017, an International Scientific Colloquium was organized in Germany on the October Revolution. An ICOR delegation of young activists also took part in reliving the stages of the revolution and Lenin’s work at the main site of the revolution in Petersburg.

The immense work accomplished by the ICOR since October 6, 2010, to consolidate its organizational foundations and gradually build its ideological and political unity, was based on the collective commitment of its members and on the effectiveness expressed by one of its members, most prominent founders, Comrade Stefan Engel of MLPD. Comrade Stefan supervised the establishment and organizational and financial construction of ICOR as well as the coordination of its actions until 2016. The MMLPL pays tribute to the great work provided by comrades Stefan Engel for the foundation and consolidation of the political and organizational edifices of ICOR. On this occasion, the MMLPL also pays tribute to the efforts of comrade Monica Gartner, the current coordinator of ICOR, who has continued to carry the torch of the organization's struggle since 2016.

The three ICOR International Conferences 2010, 2014 and 2017 were moments of proletarian democracy par excellence through direct political and ideological debates and concrete analyses of the evolution of the global capitalist political and economic crisis. These lectures revealed the depth of analyses concerning the present nature of the capitalist crisis and its future, the massive capitalist destruction of human unity and nature, the fluctuation of proletarian class struggles locally and universally.

Dominant imperialism is now instrumentalizing the global health crisis of Covid19, like a smoke screen to hide its deep crisis imperialism, and dependent states are using the health crisis to effect layoffs of workers by the millions, destroying many social gains, imposing fascist actions, spreading fear and panic among the population in the name of the fight against Covid19 in order to impose unpopular policies to manage the complex crisis at the expense of the workers.

The world political and economic scene is today marked by the deep capitalist crisis of overproduction and the fall in the rate of profit, which opens the way to a new era of class struggle, globally and locally, full of risks, the most dangerous . The future of the capitalist crisis and the increase of the class struggle are two factors in a dialectical unity, require deeper analyses and engagement in a continuous revolutionary confrontation.

The MMLPL, wishes ICOR on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, success in accomplishing its future organizational and unitary tasks, success in its collective struggles and its worldwide presence in various stations and on various continents, as a proletarian force, in the face of unlimited imperial arrogance.

Karl Marx had adopted in the Internal Statute of the First International of 1864 the following principle: “That the emancipation of the working class must be the achievement of the working class itself; and that the struggle for the emancipation of the working class is not a struggle for the privileges and monopolies of a class, but for the equality of rights and duties in order to abolish all class domination ”. Believing in this international principle, ICOR is today one of the tools that works for the emancipation of the working class by itself. For this, the ICOR remains attached to the slogan of the Communist Manifesto that Karl Marx of 1848: "O workers of the world, unite" as well as the slogan of Lenin of 1922: "O workers of the world and its oppressed peoples, unite you”, knowing that all the peoples of the world have been transformed by hegemonic imperialism without a partner to an oppressed and exploited universal proletariat, wage slavery.

Long live ICOR as a practical proletarian organization, working for political and ideological unification as well as the leadership of world class struggles.


Moroccan Marxist-Leninists Proletariat Line

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