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On the situation in India

Statement from CPI-ML Red Star, 2 April 2020


The situation is very bad. There is a total lockdown. Not enough provision has been made for workers and other poor with no means of food or shelter. Thousands of migrant workers are collected at state borders and bus stations not knowing how to reach their homes. Our party is actively protesting against the treatment to migrants. Where possible we are providing help ourselves by organizing collections. We are actively demanding full wages to all workers including contract and casual workers and a monthly subsistence allowance of Rs. 8000 for all unemployed during the Lockdown. The government has declared Rs. 5 million insurance for doctors and nurses during the Lockdown. We are demanding the same for all workers producing essential goods and services during the Lockdown like sweepers, cleaners, midday meal (for children), workers etc. We are demanding safe passage for workers who want to go home with quarantine in their hometowns. The Lockdown is presently till 15th April but is expected to be extended for months.

We have a team of scientists working on the origins of the virus. We do not think that it is a lab prepared virus. At the same time we suspect that climate change has caused animals to change their habitats and new pathogens have found their way to humans. Hence climate change may be directly responsible for this pandemic.


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