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Refugee Status Is A Human Right, Let's Not Be Silent About The Murder Of Refugees At The Border Gates!

ATIK, 06.03.20


The Turkish state is trying to stack hundreds of thousands of immigrants to the borders and use them for the occupant-fascist interests. Millions of immigrants who took refuge in Turkey to save their lifes from the proxy wars in Syria since 2011, is used by R. T. Erdoğan as a threat against European countries and receives billions of aid every year. Not long ago sourced from the intensification of the conflict between Syria and Turkey, the fascist Turkish state is stacking de immigrant refugees to the borders again and threats to send them out to the European countries. More than a hundred thousand refugees brought to the borders face death at the borders in violation of human rights.

It is constantly reported by the media, that many people have been injured and many have lost their lives, especially because of that Greece closed their border gates and attacks refugees. The Greek state is equally responsible for the humanitarian drama at the border as the fascist Turkish state, as they closed their borders and don't let people in need to get in. Thousands of people with their children there want to use their asylum rights in international conventions. To prevent this is against the international human rights conventions. It is clear that these contracts do not represent the interests of the people. But the fact that they are signatures and that they do not comply with these contracts, shows the real face of the imperialist capitalist system.

Refugees That Flees Unfair Wars Cannot Be Used As A Threat!

War is pain, tears, exile, migration and massacre. War is for millions of people to leave their lands and seek refuge in other countries. War is the death of hundreds of thousands and millions of people. War is the re-sharing of markets for the interests of the imperialist system. Millions of people had to leave their lands and settle in various countries in order to save their lives because of the plundering wars of the imperialists in the Middle East for a long time. The millions of people, who took refuge in Turkey to save their lifes because of the proxy wars in Syria, was used as a permanent threat by the fascist Turkish state and continues to be used.

The fascist Turkish state, which receives money by the many contracts with the European Union, always uses refugees as a threat when its interests are confronted in every period. In contrast, EU countries constantly transfer billions to the Turkish state, so that refugees do not come to their country.

European Countries Must Fulfill Their Responsibilities!

European countries are also primarly responsible for the plundering war of the imperialists in the Middle East. In 2018, nearly 70 million people had to leave their countries and live as immigrants in 2018, mostly in Syria, stemming from the proxy war in the region in line with their imperialist interests. In many countries, especially Libya, Turkey and Greece, they are trying to maintain their way of life in very poor conditions, contrary to the human rights. European countries should fulfill their responsibilities and create the conditions for refugees to come and seek asylum legally.

We call on the democratic opposition in Europe to resist this drama that immigrants live on the borders and to develop a common struggle for their acceptance into European countries.Let's not forget that, the rights of immigrants are human rights!

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