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The ICOR admits its 60th member

ICOR Main Coordinator, June 2020


We are pleased about the recently admitted new ICOR member, the Socialist Party of Bangladesh (SPB). Thus the ICOR (International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations) has grown to 60 members, ten of them on the continent of Asia, which is by far the most populous continent. This strengthening of ICOR is an important signal in the time of increasing crisis-proneness of capitalism, currently the deep world economic and financial crisis and the Corona Pandemic associated with crises. The SPB is the second ICOR party in Bangladesh. Thus its membership also expresses that the revolutionaries today are approaching each other.

The SPB is a party whose roots go back to the liberation struggle against British imperialism. When it was founded in 1980, the comrades drew consequences from the revisionist betrayal of socialism in the Soviet Union and China. The party is closely linked to the manifold struggles of the popular masses, especially the workers and peasants in Bangladesh. Various mass organizations, including scientists and medical doctors, and a children's platform are affiliated with it. For the ideological-political education of its members, it organizes a system of study groups. In the application for membership in the ICOR, the Secretary General Khalequzzaman writes:
"We think our struggles at this moment are almost similar in nature. If we become a member of ICOR we can exchange our views and ideas more and it will help us wage our struggles together against our respective capitalist rulers and the world imperialist power as well.”


Since 1999, the SPB has been working for an alliance of all left forces in Bangladesh. Currently, this is the Left Democratic Alliance (LDA), in which, among others, both ICOR parties work together. These experiences are especially important for the construction of the international anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front, which the ICOR and the ILPS (International League of People's Struggles) have launched. Further information on the ICOR website
We warmly welcome our comrades from Bangladesh. Welcome SPB!

Monika Gärtner-Engel
ICOR Main Coordinator

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