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The only effective medicine for the corona virus, the ecological crisis, migration, unemployment, homelessness and injustice is to destroy the capitalist system that causes these viruses!

MLKP Central Committee, March 13, 2020


Another hell scenario that the imperialist world bourgeoisie has prepared for humanity appeared, in which death and horror spread across all parts of the world. The coronavirus pandemic, which claimed thousands of lives in a short space of time, is spreading rapidly. In addition to the danger to life, the everyday life of workers and toiling people is paralyzed, restrictions such as quarantine, exceptional conditions, curfew and all kinds of police controls are spreading in Turkey and Kurdistan as well as in some other countries and regions.

The capitalists are causing the pandemic!

The coronavirus pandemic is not an attack by a group of supernatural monsters that do not belong to this humanity and this planet. It is not a fate. It is not a natural disaster from which there is no escape from. Capitalism creates the conditions for the emergence, the rapid spread and the inevitability of the corona virus and similar pandemics.

Capitalism destroys nature and the behavior of different species, thereby it leads to the uncontrolled spread or extinction of species that contribute to the natural cycles as well as to the uncontrolled spread of the viruses and bacteria of these organisms. Capitalism is the reason for unilateral agriculture, deforestation, climate change and fires due to drought that cause living things to flee and the destruction of ecosystems. Capitalism is responsible for the uncontrolled consumption and destruction of natural resources, the ecological crisis, the climate issue and other consequences. Capitalism is covering up the consequences of laboratory tests, for which no responsibility is taken in the name of humanity. Capitalism spends huge amounts on biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction, while the health needs of the masses are all subject to profit interests.

In all of the pandemics of the past few decades, from mad calf disease to SARS, there is not a single example of the spread of animal-borne viruses, which is not caused by the uncontrolled tests by capitalist chemical and pharmaceutical companies, the uncontrolled exploitation of the soil by capitalist agriculture, and the pursuit after maximizing profit and keeping costs low in the production of animal products.

The capitalists cannot stop the pandemic!

All of this left aside, we see just yet again how inadequate and incapable the bourgeois states are in preventing a pandemic. The bourgeois states are not developing a contingency plan, instead they tempest people's everyday lives, block education and transport, spread more poverty and unemployment, without foregoing police controls and police violence.

Because the health systems in capitalism do not contain a protective / preventive infrastructure, they are completely guided by the profit interests of the pharmaceutical industry and the capitalist healthcare companies. Because for them it is necessary that there is always a health market, that diseases arise and therefore medicine and treatments can be sold.

Because there is no investment in health measures that are not profitable. Because preventive medicine represents unnecessary costs for capitalism.

Because for the capitalists, in conditions where unemployment is so widespread and ten other people are waiting in line for every dead worker, the health of society is not even as important as it was at the beginning of the century.

Because while the Soviet Union had established a free and unlimited accessible broad social health system against the consequences of the Spanish flu for all workers and toiling people, Spain, Italy and other capitalist countries established fascism.

Because the gap between rich and poor is bigger than ever. Because the world is as rich as never before, science and technology as developed as never before, production is faster than ever before, while billions of workers, toiling people, poor farmers, toiling women and oppressed peoples only have quiet limited access to it.

Because while it is announced every day that washing hands with soap and water is necessary to prevent the spread of the corona pandemic, two out of five people in the world, i.e. 3 billion people, have no access to wash basins where they have clean water to wash their hands in a healthy way.

Because although the influence from cold to the spreading rate of the pandemic is known, the heating and housing options, natural gas and fuel, are in the lion's den.

Because in order for people in large communities to strengthen their immune systems, they need balanced and adequate nutritional conditions, but the majority of humanity is hungry and poor. 3 billion people live below the poverty line. The fact that 2000 capitalists have as much wealth as 4.6 billion people together shows the inhumane character of the capitalist system.

Because imperialist occupations and wars and the rapidly increasing poverty lead to waves of migration; migrants live under the most difficult living, nutrition and health conditions; the migrants live and are most severely affected by the risk of the pandemic.

Because the capitalists mobilize the most advanced means of science for the destruction of large masses. The most advanced technology is used for arms production and most of the state budget is used for armament.


The capitalists take advantage of the pandemic


The bourgeois states and corporations are looking for ways to get out of the disaster that they caused themselves in the most profitable way.

The bourgeois states try to legitimize the daily state repression and control and meet with approval for it; they increase state control over the daily lives of workers. Any space for actions, meetings and organization is narrowed down and banned.

The bourgeois states cling to the coronavirus pandemic agenda like a lifebuoy to hide other issues that challenge them politically and to culminate various social contradictions. They propagate hopelessness, fear, alienation, isolation and weakening solidarity in society.

The food monopolies are transforming this pandemic period into an "advertising festival", in which they spread the propaganda of lies about "virus-inhibiting" foods to market their goods.

The pharmaceutical industry and laboratory groups are after the big profit.

The US wants to buy the patent for potential vaccines and preventive agents "on its own".

Racists blame other peoples for the development of the virus and migrants for its spread, they stir up hostility between peoples.


The fascist colonial chief regime is pursuing its interests in the pandemic!

The fascist chief regime, which confirmed the reality of the danger of the coronavirus in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan only after the imperialist financial centers made their fund promises, imposes the costs for the pandemic on the working class and the toilers and tries to benefit from the victims of the pandemic.

All scientific and technological institutions and corporations, including Tübitak, are working with all their strength for the occupation of Rojava, for the bombing raids on northern Kurdistan, for the attacks aiming at wiping out the guerrillas in the north, for telephone eavesdropping, for a witch hunt by the most modern means on social media, for the flood of cameras in the cities and the arming of guards. In contrast, there is no discovery or work at all in the field of preventive medicine.

The fascist chief and his party, who have commercialized health and respond to those who remember price increases and poverty, "do you even know what a bullet costs", don't even lift a finger for preventive medicine.

The schools are closed, but the houses are cold and hotbeds of diseases. The prices for gas and electricity force the working class and the toiling people to "tighten their belts". The burden of toiling women is even heavier.

Older people, the chronically ill, pensioners are the most sensitive victims of the pandemic but have no social security, the income is very low, childcare options are limited to bribes for those who submit to the fascist chief regime.


Extinction of humanity or socialism


The coronavirus pandemic is a smaller example of the consequences of greed for profit, through which nature is being plundered in an unlimited and uncontrolled manner. The future that humanity's capitalism prepares looks like this. There is no doubt that with this huge attack and raid capitalism will cause much bigger disasters than the Corona pandemic.

Capitalism once again proves during this time, in which humanity has accumulated knowledge over thousands of years and technology is so developed, that with its medieval inability and despair against the pandemic, it has nothing to offer for the workers and the toiling people, women, the oppressed peoples.

Humanity has two options: either it surrenders to capitalism, with its barbarism of massacres, destruction, drought, poverty and war; or it builds socialism for a classless, limitless and gender-free society!

The suffering of workers, women and the oppressed all over the world, who are being killed by the corona virus, is a shared suffering. Let us turn this suffering into anger against the common enemy, against the capitalist system. Let us call the bourgeoisie and the bourgeois parties accountable for every life taken by the corona virus. Let us strengthen solidarity among peoples. Let us force the bourgeois states on free health services and preventive medicine.



March 13, 2020

MLKP Central Committee

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