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TKP-MT, Statement No: 2021/3


TKP-ML was established on April 24, 1972 under the leadership of İbrahim
Kaypakkaya with limited number of cadres in the practice of class
struggle. This year, in which we celebrate the 49th anniversary of our
party, also coincides with the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune,
and the communists as K. Marx described them “storming heaven”.
Our party of the proletariat Turkey of various nationalities and
beliefs, guided by the theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as the pioneer
and leader of the political party; It was founded in the light of the
lessons of the Soviet and Chinese revolution and the lessons of the
Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, following the experience of the
Commune 150 years ago. It was born as the result of anti-imperialist
youth actions, the great workers’ resistance of 15-16 June, peasant /
land occupation and resistance and the people’s war. Turkish, Kurdish,
Armenian Greeks etc. who are oppressed, exploited, massacred in our
geography. She appeared on the stage of history as the inheritor of the
people’s accumulation of rebellion and organization, and from the moment
she entered the class struggle, she came through extremely tough
The establishment of our party shattered the silence of the period of
nearly 50 years after the Kemalists drowned the cadres of the communist
party founded under the leadership of Mustafa Suphi into the cold waters
of the Black Sea, as a continuation of the struggle of the oppressed
peoples against the Ottoman despotism. The thesis put forward by Ibrahim
Kaypakkaya alongside his ideological and political breakthrough are
especially important within the revolutionary struggle in Turkey. His
views on the revolutionary path of Turkey, conditions of the classes and
class alliances, views on Kemalism as the leading ideology and national
question plays an overly critical role. His theses mean a definite
disengagement with the sovereign nation and official ideology. He
destroyed parliamentarism and revisionism of the so called “left” in
Turkey seeing Kemalism progressive. As a matter of fact, Kaypakkaya’s
line, especially its theses in the context of the national question –
especially the Kurdish national question – is still burningly up to
Another feature of our party is the revolutionary solidarity that she
exhibited while she was being founded. Following the death of a
prominent leader Deniz Gezmis and his comrades by Turkish state, Ibrahim
Kaypakkaya organised an attack on counter-guerrilla elements who
established relations between the fascists in Turkey and former Nazis in
Latin America. Kaypakkaya punished a headman of a village in Malatya,
Turkey for being an informant and help murder of THKO fighters Sinan
Cemgil and his Comrades on 31st May 1971.  In these practices there are
examples of revolutionary solidarity, of fighting together against the
common enemy.
Our party TKP-ML, which has determined internationalism as her main line
since her establishment and has organized every practice in accordance
with this line, advocates to act together with communist, revolutionary,
anti-imperialist forces both in the country and in the international
arena and advocate a united struggle by expanding the common
denominator, she also has a claim about creating and carrying these
values to the future.
Our 49-year history is replete with the revolutionary movement in Turkey
and the invaluable lessons in terms of the international communist
movement. There is a historical struggle that has spread from generation
to generation, where thousands of our comrades, especially our hundreds
of martyrs who contributed to the revolution at the expense of their
lives by paying a great price. Our party has managed to preserve her
values through the martyrdom of hundreds of members, militants, and
fighters, and continued her claim to revolution. She is more d
determined than ever and is continuing in the path of MLM ideology. We
are aware that this struggle will be brought to victory with a war whose
dimensions are expanding. The 49-year struggle has especially important
gains. These achievements will have the function of directing the class
struggle through the accumulation and experience created in every field.
24th of April is Our Inspiration and Source of Power!
It is not wrong or misleading to say that the theses of Ibrahim
Kaypakkaya in terms of the revolution in Turkey are still valid and
shining the path of revolution today, despite being nearly half a
century old. His party, comrades and successors continue to bear the red
flag they inherited. This is of course a success. But it is nothing
besides Ibrahim’s breakthrough. Communists never / should never be
content with their current moment and situation, with the philosophy of
always doing better and moving forward. Their faces must always be
towards the future. Fighting on every front, we are bound to face
problems and have deficiencies and problems. 24th of April is our
inspiration and source of power to overcome these problems and
The period started with Newroz and connects April 24 to May 1; We meet
the political atmosphere with the increasing wave of attack and
resistance in our country, together with the developments in the world
and our region, which is gradually warming. The working class and
various layers of popular masses, the legitimate resistance of the
Kurdish nation and other minority nationalities, women and LGBTI+
movement and the resistance of the youth against appointed trustees and
anti-democratic policies and those who oppose the attacks on our nature
are under attack by the fascist Turkish Republic. Turkish state’s only
option is to attack! All the manoeuvres and plans he develops and the
politics they make are based on this fact. The violence and terrorism
they perpetrate, the prevention and prohibition, and all kinds of
demagogy have only one purpose. Not to accumulate and dissipate the
anger of the popular masses. However, no matter how aggressive fascism
gets, it cannot prevent anger, resilience, unity, and masses from
filling the streets; The fire of the class struggle continues to burn.
The fulfilment of the tasks imposed by this current table passes through
growing the fire with the power and endless energy we get from our
history. Our party continues to wave the flag she took over from the
martyrs in her 49th year of struggle and is determined to carry the
fight further. The red flag of the international proletariat which was
taken to sky during Paris Commune, waved during the Soviet and the
Chinese revolution, defended during the Great Proletariat Cultural
Revolution has been defended for the past 49 years in Turkey and in our
region within the class struggle and movements of popular masses.
Long Live Paris Commune on its 150th Anniversary!
Glory to Our Party’s 49th Year of Struggle!
Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Long Live Our Party TKP-ML, TIKKO, KKB and TMLGB!
TKP-ML CC Polit Bureau
April 2021

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