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ICOR will organize solidarity with the Palestinian people

Resolution of the 4th ICOR World Conference (initiated by PPDS-Tunisia), October 2021


Since the 1936 revolution, Palestine and Palestinians continue to draw history of struggle and revolution with blood and sacrifice. For about a decade Palestine and Palestinians continue to be a model of anti-imperialist and anti-colonialism revolutionary struggle. Now more than ever Palestine and Palestinians need the solidarity of the revolutionary parties and organizations and their engagement with them to triumph in their historical quest for independence and liberation.

In 1917, Lenin regarded the Balfour Declaration as a plan by international imperialism to settle the Zionist colonial entity in Palestine with the aim of dominating the region. Since 1947 Lenin's view has become reality.

Since then, the Palestinian people live under the yoke of colonialism, exploited, starved out, deprived of their land, massacred and forced by violence to leave Palestine ( Millions of Palestinians are obliged to live in Jordan,Lebanon,Syria and in all over the word and are deprived of the right to return).

The Zionist Israeli entity committed barbarian atrocities and genocides that continue till today ( DIR YASSIN, SABRA CHATILA,JENIN,GAZA……). The Heroic Palestinian people and its revolutionary forces and fighters have resisted and continue to resist in all forms of revolutionary struggle. Few weeks ago, six prisoners who are revolutionary fighters succeeded in fleeing away from a high security prison. A heroic and almost imaginary shed the light again on the tragedy of thousands of political prisoners who are illegally detained for years and decades and on top of them the leaders of Palestinian struggle Ahmed Saadat and Marwan Barghouti .

The workers, peasants, students, and all Palestinians continue their heroic struggle. The Palestinian cause remains an inseparable part of the international anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist revolutionary movement.

The 4th World Conference of ICOR:

1. Expresses its full support to the heroic struggles of the Palestinian people and its revolutionary forces for independence and liberation.

2. Denounces Zionism and considers that the struggle against Zionism is central for the international revolutionary movement.

3. Calls for an international solidarity campaign with all the Palestinian political prisoners and detainees and on top of them AHMED SAADAT and MARWAN BARGOUTHI and Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

4. Calls for supporting BDS and engagement of its members in the boycotting of Zionist Israeli goods.

5. ICOR will organize an International Day of Solidarity with Palestine every march the 30th which is the Palestinian Land Day.

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