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Long live the Commune of 1871 - let's prepare for the socialist revolution!

The collective "Vive la Commune de 1871" Paris, March/26/2021


Under this slogan, the collective "Vive la Commune de 1871" called on Saturday March 20 in Paris for a rally to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune through speeches, open mic contributions, songs and poems to the heart from Paris.

After the city refused to meet in front of the Town Hall, we gathered nearby on Place du Chatelet. This gathering was organized and maintained against all odds in very difficult conditions. Government restrictions related to the Corona epidemic, further tightened the same day, March 20, did not prevent us from meeting. The right to demonstrate even under a state of health emergency, legally confirmed, has been defended!


The uncertainties among activists about the health situation, the multiple demonstrations organized on the same date against a policy of crisis on multiple fronts as well as the weather were not favorable to us. We are all the more happy with the success of this gathering in honor of the Paris Commune.


Unity of Action launched a common appeal, the main lesson of which is that we must build a strong Communist Party in France as in all countries. Words of solidarity have reached us from comrades in Switzerland, from ICOR Europe and the MLPD has done us the honor of sending a delegation. Various participants took the floor to recall the conquests of the Communards, but also the weaknesses of this first workers' government in history, to draw lessons for today. A representative of BIR-KAR * described the considerable achievements, established for and with the women of the Municipality, in particular on equality, the system of nurseries and schools, etc. ACTIT * and SKB * discussed the teachings for the liberation and construction of Rojava. The UPML * comrades spoke of the crucial role of the working class yesterday and today. A member of the Peru Solidarity Committee and Friend of ICOR * recalled the lessons learned during the revolutions that followed the Commune and the internationalism of the Paris Commune. On several occasions the crucial role of the organization, in particular the building of the Communist Party for the victory of the revolution has been stressed. To top it off, a number of participants and the German delegation laid a wreath at the Paris City Hall where the Commune was declared 150 years ago. We moved, the red flags fluttering in the sun and attracting attention. The song of the International closed the gathering.


The rally was the opening of our campaign and we invite other organizations and individuals to join our collective and our initiatives for a revolutionary celebration of the Commune of 1871:

- May 1 - intervention at the Parisian demonstration

- May 8 - event for the women of the Commune and the struggle of women today

- May 29 and 30 - weekend of celebration with ICOR delegations (demonstration, panel discussion) The collective "Vive la Commune de 1871" Paris, March/26/2021



Members and signatories of the Collectif Vive la Commune de 1871 : Amis de l’ICOR (Coordination internationale des organisations révolutionnaires) ; Association Culturelle des Travailleurs Immigrés de Turquie (ACTIT) ; Comite Solidarité Pérou (CSP) ; Nouveau Parti Communiste Haïtien (NPCH) ; Union des Populations du Cameroun -Manifeste National pour l’Instauration de la Démocratie (UPC-Manidem) ; Union des travailleurs et de la fraternité des Peuples (BIR-KAR) ; Union Prolétarienne Marxiste-Léniniste (UPML) ; Union des Femmes Socialistes (SKB) ; Unité Communiste (UC)


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