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One year of UMLP - trailing the path of the Marxist-Leninist Party construction

Uniao Marxista-Leninista, July 12, 2021


In the passing of the first anniversary of UMLP foundation, União Marxista-Leninista Portuguesa (Portuguese Marxist-Leninist Union) , we remit to report what is fundamental, the fulfilment of our tasks and objectives to achieve the noble purpose which is the construction of the Marxist-Leninist party, the party of the proletariat that will organise and leverage, under the working class leadership and the oppressed masses in Portugal, the Socialist Revolution that will overthrow the capitalist society system of exploitation and oppression, towards Socialism and Communism.


Our small Marxist-Leninist nucleus has proved in this one year period, despite all the limitations imposed by COVID pandemic bourgeois management, what ferment revolutionaries are made of. Despite the few forces available to work among the masses, we managed to spread and take our political line to all the stages of great demonstrations of the popular and labour masses as in the great demonstration of the working youth in April, where we also celebrated the Paris Commune 150th anniversary, affirming the need to fight for the dictatorship of the proletariat. We participated in the April 25th ("Carnation Revolution") demonstration with a communiqué where we openly denounced revisionism, clarified positions regarding 25th April, through the example of the Paris Commune, showing that it was a military coup of the bourgeoisie and not a people's revolution. We were in the May Day demonstration in Porto, where we propagated the need to fight for the 30 hours workday and for the defence of all jobs, having absolute acceptance and visibility. In the big trade union demonstration on the European Convention day in Porto, besides the distribution of the communiqué, our nucleus received the demonstration in front of the town hall with the banner and flag of Kurdistan and the ICOR, gathering wide support and solidarity. Also in May, we joined Coimbra population during the congress of Chega, a fascist party, demanding the prohibition of all fascist organisations, denouncing that as long as there is capitalism there will be the menace of fascism, since bourgeois parliamentarism carries it in its womb.


We also took a position of strong support and solidarity with the Panasqueira Miners struggle, we participated in the environmental struggles against the lithium open-pit mines with our communiqués, standing shoulder to shoulder with the people in Barroso Region and in other demonstrations. Throughout the country we led and participated in days of solidarity with the struggle of Kurdistan, Palestine and Colombia peoples. We expressed solidarity, together with ICOR, to the Philippines Comrades in their struggle against a bloodthirsty anti-communism, with the struggle of Cyprus Comrades for the self-determination of their people, with the peoples who suffer most from the bourgeois management of the pandemic, with the Indian peasants and their struggle for survival, with Comrade Pablo Hasel who was imprisoned by the Spanish state for spreading Marxism-Leninism through mass music and with the Grup Yorum Comrades who are bloodily repressed in Turkey and oppressed in Germany, with Comrade Muslum Elma who was imprisoned in Germany for being a Marxist-Leninist and thus fighting consequently the Turkish fascist state and many other such just and important struggles.


We produced theoretical work on the combat against revisionism, namely denouncing the reactionary character of some nationalisations, on the necessity of the construction of the United Front and the combat against the erroneous United Front concept of Francisco Martins Rodrigues, the petty-bourgeois character of Anarchism, the deepening of criticism to the theses of Urgeiriça by Arnaldo Matos, the bourgeois parliamentarism and the Marxist-Leninists role regarding bourgeois elections, among others.


In a general analysis, our work among the masses, in despite the difficulties, was absolutely positive, as the UMLP visibility among the masses proves, we have the thickening of our ranks, the increase of contacts and people who consult and subscribe our communiqués and our line, defending always the true Marxist-Leninist line.


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