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We call on to organize, unite and fight against fascism!

MLKP Co-Party Chairs, Berçem Güneş, Kerim Gökdeniz, July 30, 2021


With the mobilization of the racist and political Islamic fascist counter-guerrilla, the fascist chief regime has entered a new stage of attacks for a Kurdish genocide.

The first sign of this was that a contract killer of the counter-guerrilla had entered the office of the HDP in Izmir for a planned massacre, where he murdered Deniz Poyraz, whom he found there alone at that time. A series of attacks on civilian and defenseless Kurdish people in different cities and the murder of seven Kurdish people in Konya, including four women, after which their house was set on fire, bring to our attention the new stage of the genocidal plan.

Let no one deceive himself. These attacks and massacres are not disconnected from each other. They are not isolated incidents. The provocateurs, planners and masterminds of these attacks are sitting in the Palace with a Thousand Rooms, in the Ministry of Interior, in the Ministry of Defense and in MIT buildings, at SADAT and in the MHP headquarters. Those responsible for burning graves in Afrin and removing lifeless bodies from the graves are also

responsible for the racist massacres that started with the assassination of Deniz Poyraz and

reached a new level with the Konya massacre. Responsible are those who appointed the fascist torturer Engin Dinç as the police chief, who has been involved in serious crimes against our peoples, such as the murder of Hrant Dink and Rahip Santaro, the massacre of October 10, 2015, the lynching of TAYAD families and the murder of FESK guerrilla fighters Ozan Sökmen and Fırat Şeran. Responsible is the fascist chief regime, which leans on the alliance of

AKP and MHP.

It was not long ago when the counter-guerrilla chief Sedat Peker, who has been marginalized due to internal conflicts of interest, declared: „They will carry out heavier attacks than what happened in Gazi.“ The fascist regime in chief is ready to set everything on fire in order to be able to lead the violent crisis in which it finds itself. One must be aware of the danger. Silence and watching will not lead to anything else than the acceleration of the attacks on our Kurdish people and the multiple intensification of the fascist terror against the workers and the oppressed.

It is time for the peoples, especially the people of Northern Kurdistan, to break the shackle of fear of the political Islamic palace junta and to fight back the fascist terror and genocidal attacks. It is time to draw strength from one‘s dignity and arm oneself with courage. It must not be forgotten that leaving the self-government resistance of Bakur alone, watching the occupation of Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Gîre Spî, the empty places in the face of the continuous

fascist, denialist colonial occupation and attacks that target to physically destroy the leading forces of the PKK in Southern Kurdistan as well as the whole guerrilla, do not lead to anything but the increase of the fascist repression and oppression and the vile murder of defenseless civilian people as it happened in Konya. If the struggle against the fascist regime in chief and the denying colonialism is not strengthened, the genocidal attacks will increase and the fascist massacres will spread to the Alevis who demand the equality of faith, to the workers, women, youth and poor who struggle for freedom, justice and democratic rights.

In order to form barricades of resistance against fascism, we call on the workers, women, youth, all toilers and poor people of the Kurdish and Turkish peoples, Circassian, Arab, Georgian, Laz, Armenian, Greek, Assyrian, Keldan, Romany, Albanian, Bosnian and Pomak national communities to take to the streets and squares against the Konya massacre of fascism.

We call our labouring peoples, above all the workers, unemployed and the students to join the HBDH militias and the FESK urban guerrilla and thus to wage the armed resistance and war against fascism and denying colonialism.

Let us arm ourselves and protect our lives!

We call on to organize, unite and fight against fascism!

July 30, 2021

MLKP Co- Party Chairs

Berçem Güneş

Kerim Gökdeniz

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