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Chrysi Perperidou will live in Our International Struggle!

ATIK, 13 April 2021

Our dear friend, Chrysi Perperidou, with whom we have been conducting many campaigns in international activities for a long time and taking part in joint management in ILPS, passed away on April 10, 2021. Chrysi had been battling the Covid 19 for over a month.


The Greek proletariat has lost a worthy worker, who can hardly be replaced!

Chrysi Perperidou, who met the revolutionary movement from a young age, held positions in many fields throughout his life. He was a member of the Communist Party of Greece, a Marxist-Leninist until 2016, and a pioneer who also served in the central committee for a period. She was an occupational health worker and an active militant trade unionist in that area. She was a labour leader who organized many working people and dealt with their problems closely.

Chrysi was also a valuable public person loved by the people. She was with them in the struggle of the people against the mines. she was at the forefront of the nature conservation movement. She was an exemplary internationalist revolutionary who had been closely interested in the problems of the refugees for years and stood by them in their just cause.


Chrysi Perperidou was a worthy soldier of the International proletariat!

Chrysi, who has been active in the international field for many years, took part in the establishment of ILPS (International League of Peoples' Struggle) together with ATIK and served in various committees. She was a valuable internationalist who never let go of the ideological struggle against some of the misunderstandings in the international sphere. She was also a good translator, translating many documents and books into Greek, as she had a good grasp of the English political language. She was one of our friends who were organized ILPS in Greece, took an active part in the 2004 Thessaloniki resistance and contributed to the organization of this resistance. Chrysi, who contributed to many international studies, was a valuable friend of ours, with whom we cooperated with the warmth of comrades.


Chrysi Perperidou will live in our struggle!

We are deeply sorry for the loss of Chrysi Perperidou. The values she added to the tradition of international struggle will continue to be an example for us. As ATIK, we offer our deep condolences to the Greek working class, her valuable comrades and family, and we promise to keep her alive in our struggle. Let the stars be your comrades, dear Chrysi, once again we promise to fly the flag you left behind on the bastions of the international proletariat!


Chrysi Perperidou is Immortal!

Long Live International Solidarity!