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Statement on Russian Aggression against Ukraine

Karl Marx Institute – Center for Marxist Political Analysis Poland – 01.03.2022


The editors of KMI-CMPA strongly and firmly condemn the Russian military aggression against Ukraine. The reason given by the political representative of the Russian bourgeoisie, Putin, – the denazification and demilitarization of the territory of Ukraine – is a propaganda operation that is only partially reflected in reality. The Russian bourgeoisie and its political representative Putin have been the main sponsors of fascists and fascist organizations and parties in Europe for years.


Examples include neo-fascist groups such as Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) and the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD) in Germany, the Lega Nord in Italy, the National Front in France, the Jobbik party in Hungary, and the native polish Confederation or polish "foundation" Ordo Iuris. The "First Czech Russian Bank", which is closely linked to the Kremlin, supported the election campaign of the fascist National Front in the amount of 9 million euros in 2014.


The Russian bourgeoisie, taking advantage of the current crisis of Western finance capital, is following the path of imperialism. Along with the increased export of Russian capital, there is an ideological superstructure in the form of geopolitical concepts of Alexander Dugin and direct military aggression. However, it is the NATO alliance – which has broken the agreements previously concluded with the Russian Federation – that is the main and indirect ringleader of the current aggression.


Putin's regime is brutally pacifying the protests of the working class and all demonstrations, including current speeches for peace with Ukraine. There are thousands of demonstrators in Russian prisons. The introduction of the death penalty is currently being discussed. We will not hear about all this from the propaganda tubes of the Russian bourgeoisie – Sputnik and Russia Today, which are busy highlighting the so-called anti-mask demonstrations in the West organized mainly by neo-fascist groups.


We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian and Russian working class. We stand in solidarity with the warring Ukrainian people, who are bravely confronting the Russian invader. On the other hand, we are dealing with the propaganda of the bourgeoisie concentrated in NATO – that there is no fascist problem in Ukraine, that it is a state of freedom and democracy. This is pure propaganda.


Zelensky's government is a "centrist" government at the service of both foreign finance capital and the extremely reactionary Ukrainian oligarchy. It is a reflection of the public mood generated by two capitalist groups – one seeking integration with the European Union and NATO, and the other wanting to pursue a "protectionist" policy.


On the one hand, we see widespread support from the masses for integration with Western political and economic structures, and on the other hand, strong fascist tendencies. In 2018, Kyiv legally held torchlight marches in honor of Hitler's collaborators, and the government incorporated the fascist "Azov regiment" into its army. This regiment, once a small militia, is now subordinate to the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior and is officially part of the National Guard. His coat of arms bears the "Wolfsangel", a symbol also used by the Nazis in Germany. One cannot remain indifferent to the fact that in all media and protests, the cry of "Fame of Ukraine!" Is experiencing a renaissance. - Herojam glory! ». This slogan has always had strong nationalist (not necessarily fascist) connotations. From greeting members of the Ukrainian Revolutionary Party (1900–1905), through the fascist shout of the OUN or the UPA, to modern times, where it is the maxim of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We are unable to judge how conscious this procedure is, but it certainly helps to blur the lines between a pure OUN / UPA reaction and the healthy nationalism of a country oppressed by imperialism.


Since 2015, the reactionary Ukrainian government has banned the use and display of all communist symbols, and the class struggle of Ukrainian miners that has been going on for many years has been pacified. Zelensky personally stabbed the miners on strike in his hometown of Kryvyi Rih, covering up the brutal repression of the mining oligarchs against the strike leaders.


Even though the Ukrainian lands are one of the most fertile lands in Europe, even though Ukraine has rich natural resources, Ukrainian society is one of the poorest in Europe.


We are against every imperialism, including the imperialism of the Russian bourgeoisie!

We are against every capitalist government, including the Ukrainian government!

We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian and Russian working classes!

We demand a quick end to the current war!



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