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You are here: Home / 2022 / Within the framework of the campaign of international solidarity with the Palestinian people carried out by ICOR, we send the contribution of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Uruguay.

Within the framework of the campaign of international solidarity with the Palestinian people carried out by ICOR, we send the contribution of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Uruguay.

PCR-U Partido Comunista Revolucionario del Uruguay (Revolutionary Communist Party of Uruguay)


Our party considers the heroic and self-sacrificing struggle of the Palestinian people for their self-determination and national and social liberation as a just struggle. It is one of the main internationalist banners that the proletariat and the oppressed peoples and nations of the world must hold today in their struggle against imperialism and in particular against U.S. imperialism, the main support of the Zionist State of Israel.

Israel, is an imperialist country, a military and nuclear power, which arose with the argument of building a home for the Jewish people and has fulfilled for decades the role of base of U.S. imperialism and its allies in the Middle East. This was clearly witnessed in the Suez Canal War of 1956, the Six Day War of 1967 and so many aggressions and massacres against the Palestinian population, in particular against Gaza and also against the countries of the region.

Our party has actively participated in the campaigns of internationalist solidarity with the Palestinian people, promoting acts, declarations and round tables.

In this sense we highlight the leap that took place since the foundation of the Popular Assembly, today Popular Unity, in 2006, which is a unitary tool of the consistent anti-imperialist left in our country and which promoted the coordination with social and political organizations that called for large marches through the center of Montevideo towards the Embassy of Israel and countless acts of solidarity before each attack and Zionist aggression against the brotherly Palestinian people.

We consider it an infamy to consider as anti-Semitism to support the struggle of the Palestinian people and to condemn the wars of aggression, expansionism, racism and repression that characterize the Zionist State of Israel.

Of course we condemn anti-Semitism and all discrimination generally used by the ruling classes to divert the working class and the peoples from the class struggle and its objectives, the proletarian revolution and socialism.

Following, as an example, is our statement of last year:


Faced with the bloody aerial bombardments of the Israeli army against the Palestinian population of Gaza, which today have left 60 dead and hundreds wounded, we call for the greatest solidarity of the working class and the Uruguayan people.


These attacks have been preceded by a real provocation through the eviction of Palestinian families from their homes to hand them over to Israeli settlers and the prohibition to celebrate religious rites and repression in Jerusalem.

The Zionist State of Israel, which is supported by Yankee imperialism, and which for decades has carried out a fascist policy of repression and true genocide against the heroic and suffering Palestinian people, now launches these attacks with the false argument that it is attacked, when it is the oppressor and the one who has deliberately provoked this situation, to get out of the political crisis it is facing.

We repudiate the obsequious attitude of the government of the coalition of the right and the ultra-right, presided over by Lacalle Pou, which openly supports Israel's criminal aggression.



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