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Condolences for Joma

Bolshevik Party North Kurdistan-Türkiye, BP (NK-T), 25 Dec 2022


Dear Comrades,

Dear Comrade Julie, Luis and Coni,


We are very saddened by the sudden death of dear comrade Jose Maria Sison.

His death is a great loss for the PPP, the Filipino people and the working class. An experienced comrade against revisionism, he will be missed, especially in the struggle to unify the revolutionary movement. His commitment to the ILPS and to an expanded anti-imperialist united front should be gratefully mentioned here.


He will always be remembered by us and will live on in the international struggle of the proletariat for a new world.


We wish you much strength and express our heartfelt condolences.


With revolutionary greetings


S.Yeterl i.A.


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