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In view of the attempted coup in Brazil

2. ICC-Meeting, Resolution Brasilien, Jan 2023


The occupation of the Government House, the Supreme Court of Justice and the Parliament, in Brasilia, by a fascist horde calling for a military coup, with the argument of an alleged electoral fraud and the danger of socialism with which they identify President Lula and the PT, which are far from actually being so, is one more step in a campaign that had been promoted through recent actions such as the seizure of a police station, the attempted attack on an airport, roadblocks and above all with the encampments in front of the main barracks that persisted for months.


This campaign was politically sustained by the preaching of the fascist Bolsonaro himself and his party that was at the head of a militarized government, who resisted accepting the electoral result, did not hand over the presidential sash and cowardly fled earlier to the USA where he is sheltered by his friend the fascist Trump, who promoted two years ago the seizure of the Capitol.


This action, which clearly counted on the complicity of sectors of the police and state security, sought to strike at the recently installed government and as we have seen many times in our continent, these ''failed'' coup attempts allow those working in that direction to measure the reactions within the Armed Forces, among the popular masses and at the political level at the national and international level, in order to take the next steps with more certainty.


Certainly behind these events are the most reactionary sectors of Brazilian and international finance capital, particularly the capital linked to agribusiness exports and the military sectors closely linked to Bolsonarism, which must also have had a lot to do with the striking repressive inaction in the face of the preparations and the seizure of the aforementioned buildings.


These events are part of the advance of fascism as a reaction of the ruling classes and imperialism to the rise of the struggles of the peoples, who resist paying the cost of the economic crisis. Struggles that are being reflected in the electoral arena itself, where governments of the so-called progressivism, with its different variants and limitations, are generally crowned in our America.


Examples of this were the fascist coup d'état in Bolivia against the government of MAS and President Evo Morales, a coup that was defeated although fascism attacks again, and the recent parliamentary coup against the government of President Castillo in Peru that is being heroically resisted by the fraternal people with dozens of dead and hundreds of wounded in the streets.


This is also expressed politically with the appearance of fascistoid ultra-right parties in several countries of the continent and Europe, which also clearly reflects the aggravation of the contradictions of the capitalist-imperialist system.

In Uruguay today we have Cabildo Abierto and its leader ex-comandante Manini Ríos, as an important part of the right-wing coalition in government.


In view of this situation we call on the working class and the people to repudiate fascist coupism and to show solidarity with the struggles of the working class and the fraternal people of Brazil.

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