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Solidarity with the HDP: You cannot ban the struggle for freedom!

2. ICC-Meeting, Resolution, Jan 2023


The Turkish fascist Erdogan will use any means to maintain his own rule in view of the upcoming presidential elections in Turkey. Assassinations of representatives of the revolutionary struggle from Europe to Rojava are already part of the daily routine. Occupation attacks on South Kurdistan and Rojava against the democratic achievements of the Kurdish people and all other peoples continue. Even bourgeois parties are targeted by its attacks and repressions. In the centre of these fascist preparations for the elections is the banning of the Peoples' Democratic Party HDP, which is an umbrella party of the Kurdish freedom movement, revolutionary socialist forces and democrats. The fascist state have already appointed trustees to the municipalities of HDP in Kurdistan, arrested many deputies and administratives from HDP and blocked HDP’s bank accounts.

The hearing of the judicial case for the closure of HDP will take place in January and the verdict will be given in the next month before elections. As ICOR we stand by the HDP and call for active international solidarity by joining the actions in Europe and all over the world against the fascist plans!

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